Sunday, August 5, 2007

Josh: The Man

So, Josh got his new truck. He has now passed through 'boyhood' and can be called a man. Do I understand this? No, but it seems like a right of passage for him and maybe we'll just stop at that. I don't need to know the whole story on how a boy becomes a man. Although, this picture makes him look like a kid peering into a toy store window.

Let's be honest, nothing really that exciting ever happens to us, so I guess I have nothing really to blog about. Wait, I have found a loophole in the realm of 'paying 70 bucks to get my done.' Have you ever noticed that when you go to get a haircut you can talk to your stylist about anything. I don't know about you, but going to see Nicole is like a therapy session. She massages my head, makes me look pretty, and let's me vent about all that has transpired since our last appointment. Now, when Josh asks about that seventy dollar charge on the credit card, I can say, "It's either 70$ for hair, or 140$ for a therapist." In the genius words of the Sun.Silk commercials, "Get Hairapy."

Funny story, while outside chatting it up with the neighbors, one guy commented on the truck saying, "Quad cab huh? That means kids are on the way." Um, Josh and I looked at each other and I responded like a true, caught off guard idiot, "Um, no way, it's for our snowboards." What?! McKenna, did you seriously say that? Although we would love a child right now, it's just not in the playbooks so until then our backseats are used for one thing. Sick, guys, get your minds out of the gutter, for our snowboards of course.

I am convinced I live the most boring life ever lived. Here I am, updating our blog (when there is really nothing to update anyone one) while Josh is doing homework. You know, it just occurred to me that no one reads this. Minus Erin and Leisy, and that's not a huge crowd, no offence you guys. Oh, let's give a shout out to Erin and Ammon, who just bought a new car. Good choice on the Corolla! Toyota's will go forever and ever plus they are hot, so Ammon, I hope you are letting Erin drive it. I suppose I could be doing laundry, dishes, or other wifely duties, but those are seriously over rated, so I'll just stick to updating our 'non-crowd' on the 'nothings' that are going on at our end of Sara Circle.


Kent and Leisy said...

Wow - good job Josh for figuring out that whole boy to man transition! I may not be able to afford manhood until after residency! I hope you won't have to sell your manhood like Wally :) - Kent

Josh & Kenna said...

Luckily Josh's 'manhood' was way less expensive than Wally's. Ha! Um, you have a baby Kent, and I think that is serious proof of manhood. HA ha ha ha...

The Hawes said...

i read your blog!!!


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