Thursday, September 20, 2007

Viva Las Vegas!

I am stoked. We are going to Las Vegas in October. Sometimes all you need is 24 hours away from reality. What better place to go than Vegas? Okay, perhaps there are better places, but I love Vegas. Love it!

One of the most exciting things about this trip will be the Bodies Exhibit at the Tropicana. It looks amazing! I have been reading about it all morning. They are actual preserved bodies. It looks so intriguing. Plus, it's only 24 bucks per person, and I am so game about that. I could spend hours at something like this.

Next in line, the Bellagio Hotel water show. Seriously folks, I would love to be an engineer for this. Last time I went to VegasI watched it for a good two hours. It's beautiful. My favorite 'show' is the one played to "Singing In The Rain." Not only is it amazing, but I always think about Oceans 11. Makes me want to go knock of a wait, but maybe it does make me want to gamble.

Third, gambling. I'm not sure Josh will let me, but I really, really want to toss a nickle into a slot. Call me a sinner, I dare you.

It will just be great to go spend some time with Josh. We haven't gone on a 'vacation' yet in our whole year and 2 months of marriage. (yes, I know, such a long time) Our honeymoon was to Park City, but that's only an hour away and I don't think that counts. We are going on the cruise in January, but that's still four months away.


Geoff & Cali said...

Yay! That will be so fun, I'm happy to get to get away. :) Have you seen the Bellagio water show to Andrea Bocelli and Sarah Brightman's "Time to say goodbye?" (That's the best one in my opinion). So, where are ya'll going to stay?

Kent and Leisy said...

We LOVED Bodies!!! It was the coolest thing in the world! Kenna you are going to LOVE it! Especially since we share that crazy love for anatomy. Nov. 2nd I start dissections!! I'm so excited to have my very own cadaver! And as far as gambling goes - boo to Josh. I think spending 8 dollars to see a movie is a sin. Just set aside 8 bucks in nickles or quarters and have fun for longer than a movie (only if you're lucky of course). Leisy hates Vegas - we go there every once in awhile to remind her of that fact.

Josh & Kenna said...

Boo to Leisy for hating Vegas, but hooray to us for loving anatomy! I was looking at the website today and I got so excited! I think people might label me crazy, but I don't care. I'm stoked to go! Wait, shouldn't you be studying?

Dshaw said...

I have to say I am not much of a Vegas fan either, but more because of bad experiences rather than the place itself. I have to tell you this Andrew and I went snorkling on our Mexico cruise and saw stingrays and that was pretty cool (even though the ocean kinda freaks me out) I would vote for that. (I loved Anatomy too, even though a barely scrapped a C...Hey I was engaged!)

Josh & Kenna said...

I've had some pretty bad Vegas memories, but when I watch the Bellagio water show it makes up for everything. I am scared of the ocean too, but I admit I would love to swim with stingrays. Although I am pretty sure Josh won't go for that. I'm a nerd and I LOVE anatomy! Love it. This 'Bodies Exhibit' should just increase my love for anatomy. The human body is just amazing!

Lindz said...

So I'm jealous of your trip to Vegas! You are making me feel homesick! I hope you have a blast! Vacations are the best!!!

Josh & Kenna said...

Lindsey, you can come with!

Oh, and Kent, I didn't say this, but I am SO jealous you get your own cadaver. Now THAT is moving up in the world.

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