Tuesday, October 16, 2007

I Can Write It Better Than You Ever Felt It

So I was looking through my desk at home trying to find something and in the mess there was an old post it note. I flipped it over and read, "You might want to read 'Amusing Ourselves To Death' by Neil Postman as your writing is much like his. You have a great talent, thanks for sharing." Hurh? Then I remembered...my senior year of hike school I was in 'college writing' which is the equivalent of English 1010. I left my binder in my public speaking class one day, and my teach, Miss Andersen, got a hold of it and read all my stuff! Normally I would be furious, but when I went back to get it she said, "I hope you don't mind that I looked through your writings. You are a very talented writer." Sigh, you can't get mad at that. I also had an English teacher my junior year of hike school who told me I needed to write a book before I turned 21 because after I would never have time. Well snap, people, can I return to my youth when I used to be good at something?! All that inspired me to choose English as my major in college, but it was then I realized I actually sucked at writing. (I ended up switching my major to microbiology...I have this dream to be a fertility/geneticist experct...sigh...) Or so I thought...my creative writing/poetry professor always criticized my work. I wrote a poem about how a fat girl popped my slip 'n' slide when I was ten...yeah, he didn't find that so amusing. I, on the other hand, was laughing my arse off when I read it out loud to the class. Who says that poetry always has to be dark and cold and whatever? You know, I have always wanted to write a book called, "What I Think About..." and then every chapter would be a new topic. Here is an example : Chapter 1. Britney Spears...Chapter 2. Global Warming...Chapter 3. Unfit Parents.... You see the list could go on and on but then reality hits and I think, "Who would buy that book besides me and my grandma?" I would read it and be rolling on the floor with laughter I bet. Sigh, those days are gone.

Moving right along...I have some GREAT news! Guess what is being built in Orem?! CAFE RIO! The 'Cafe Rio gods' have finally answered my many prayers. Guess what else? You can order online. Seriously! Can life get any better? I submit that it cannot! Sigh, this has made my day. Sure, Cafe Rio salads have about a thousand calories, but who cares, because they are amazing. I had one last night even. It was great.

So Camille has started a revolution. The "Real Life" revolution. I think this is a great because life isn't all sunshine and rainbows and chocolate cake. As my friend says, "Life Crappens" and you know what? It crappens to all of us. Camille and Alicia Harris (another driving force and inspiration to me) deserve some serious kudos.


Erin said...

Ammon and I just noticed the new Cafe Rio in Orem too. Yea! Also, there's a Greek food restraunt on State Street that we wanted to try sometime. Anyone been there before?

alison said...

Kenna, all I can say is DO IT!! Write a book because I would buy it too. I love your blogs and I love you!

PS So you know a Clay Thompson? He said he was in a singles ward with you at one point. I met him when I lived in Jackson.

Kenna said...

Thanks Ali! I appreciate that! Got any topics for me.

Ah, yes I do know Clay. He was in my BYU singles ward. He's a funny guy! That's random that you know him too.

Ash said...

I would read your rants in book form. And you do write like Mr. Postman. I love that book. Your next chapter could be blogs. And then Mormon culture...that might be too long of a chapter though. What's your email? I have something I want to send you...oops, I'm sorry. That was very rude. Hello, I am Ashley Burr. Nice to meet you. Now can I have your email?

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