Tuesday, November 27, 2007

There's Always A 'Twist'

I have come to think of my life as a reality series. At times I have even had thoughts about calling Fox and pitching them my life story because with all the drama that has happened in just a short 22 years, there is bound to be more. Plus, Fox is always up for an edgy new reality series. (Yes, me, edgy...)

I would call it, 'Life Crappens.'

The reason I think I could do so well as a reality series is this: In all situations of my life, there is ALWAYS a twist.

We as a reality tv addicted society LOVE twists! Twists are bait and we are but oblivious little fishies in the a vast see of reality tv. I admit, I am a sucker for the 'twist.' I latch on like a dog to a steak when I see the spots for all of my most loved reality shows. You know, I feel bad for Josh. He got hooked on me and then after we got married, ta-da, a twist. Actually, it's been twist after twist. I'm like the show 'Prison Break.' You think it's FINALLY going to end but somehow those sneaky Fox writers keep coming up with more crap. You know, like how they escaped from one prison but now, somehow, they ended up in another prison that they are trying to, at the present moment in tv land, bust out of. We are all on our couches thinking, 'Put this show out of its misery.'

Yes, Fox, please...put this show out of its misery...

Sidenote: 'Life Crappens' is a phrase coined by my good friend Anneliesa. It is too good a phrase to remain hidden. Therefore, all credit must go to her as I have released it from the vault.


Kent and Leisy said...

"life crappens" huh? that's pretty clever my dear. one twist will be taken out of your life soon though! through your nose!! Emk..you know I love you and pray for you daily.

Kristen said...

I think "Life Crappens" just may be the greatest TV show title I've ever heard. And it lends itself to some potentially great catchphrases. "What's crappening, hot stuff?"

Love ya!

Ash said...

Just updated myself on all of your sucky miseries. Really, I don't know what to say other than it all really really sucks. At least you are a good writer and now have a very good topic on which to write a delightfully sarcastic and strong willed book about life and all of it's follies. I dare you.

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