Thursday, May 29, 2008

{...belated birthday post...}

Yeah, I know it was 2 weeks ago, but I haven't gotten around to it until now.

I am now, officially, '23 and Tumor Free.' (Thanks Erin)

I'm not gonna lie, I do love birfdays. How could I not!?

Go Kenna, it's your birfday, we gonna party like it's your birfday, we gonna sip er, lemonade because it's your birfday, and you know we gonna have a blast cause it's your birfday!

It's a day when everyone buys you stuff because you made it to yet another birthday. How is that not a good plan? It's a friggin' awesome plan! Add on that my birthday was on a Friday, so that meant the whole weekend was blocked out for festivities revolving around me! We all know how I adore being the center of attention at all times and in all things and in all places.

My birthday did not disappoint. Friday (the 16th) was my actual birthday. Starting off with getting my hair cut and colored, although you wouldn't know it because I'm pretty sure it's been in a pony tail ever since. (I know, I'm LAZY!) I absolutely love getting my hair done. While the rest of my body goes to pot, at least I can still have wonderful hair. Sure, it's falling out by the fist full (thank you infertility and mounds of meds) but at least I don't have crazy roots or something.

Josh and I had decided since we bought the Wii that I would not be receiving anything else from him. We all know how well Josh pays attention to rules like this. (Not that I mind, this was one of those awesome times when I'm glad he broke it) He bought me an iHome for my iPod touch. These things are just wonderful! My iPod fits right in, it has a remote, it's beautiful. No more listening to music off my lappy. These things are small but the sound is amazing! You all know how I am about my music and the quality thereof. This present made my ears happy.

Then dearest Leslie agreed to go to lunch with me since Josh doesn't appreciate PF Changs. Why? No one knows, and it kind of depresses me, but since Leslie has the same appreciation I have, I can now go to PF Changs without feeling sorrow for what Josh is missing out on. Of course, as always, PF Changs was phenom and then I decided I would drag Leslie to Target to do a little birthday shopping. For those of you who don't know what I mean by birthday go to the store, you buy whatever you want (like my new giant clock) and the husband can't get mad. I know right? Beautiful thing, birthdays. Leslie also got me a giant bouquet of myler balloons. Darling. Balloons are just so happy! Plus, when they began to die, I got a kick out of sucking in all the helium and running around my house singing Donna Summers with an extremely high pitched voice. Sure, maybe I killed some brain cells but seriously Leslie, best present ever. It just kept giving and giving!

While at lunch, Josh cleaned the entire apartment. Ever since the surgery he has been doing this so much more (sorry babe) but I always love coming home to a wonderful, clean house. Makes my day every time. Poor Josh was suffering from some serious allergies so he took a nap to try and feel better so we could go out to dinner and a movie. Then, as fate would have it, my body decided that it needed to join in and I started to feel really ill as well. We took another nap together, and then decided we did have the energy to go to dinner (I don't think we could have handled a movie) at Maria Bonitas. It is the best authentic Mexican food there is. Leisy/Kent, your opinion doesn't count. It's really cheap (for the both of us we paid 18 bucks with the tip, and that is a bit more than usual because I ordered the expensive Mexican coke from the bottle. Only the best for me on my birthday) and it's really tasty. We could have gone to Maria Bonitas 3 times for every one time I go to PF Changs. (meh, PF Changs is worth the 60 bucks) Delish. Wonderful. Always a joy to spend time with the boy. Then we went home, watched '27 Dresses' which I just loved (Josh liked it too) and thus ended my most wonderful day of birth.

The most wonderful festivities did not stop there.

Saturday Josh and I threw a little party with all our neighbor pals. It was wonderful. You know what else is wonderful? Costco cake. Oh yes. Phenomenal. Chocolate cake. Costco is great. Gives us the chocolate cake. We had cake, ice cream, the pinata was wonderful, especially the part where cheating Paulo peeked and he busted up the pinata that ended up pegging Laney in the face. Sorry Laney, but it was friggin' hilarious. I have it on video. I will post that when I get home, along with all my other corresponding photos. I think we should do a pinata every month for kicks. It would help ease a lot of the aggression I have built up inside.

I'm a maniac.

I also received some kickin' gifts from some of my pals. Taylor & Laney gave me a 're gifted' pooping reindeer. I found it quite funny, it's on my microwave right now. Next time, or maybe you left it on for comedic effect, take off the previous gift tag. The Horrocks' gave me a rock with a post it note on it that said, 'Suck on this.' For those of you who don't watch The Office you don't deserve to know what that means or how friggin' hilarious it is. Ammon, Erin & India gave me the 50th Anniversary Collection of Mad Libs which is awesome! I will no longer be bored in sacrament. Ash & Brad Warner gave me a new cd, 'Kate Voegele.' She's awesome, you should all look her up, listen a bit. Wonderful pals, wonderful party, and the frosting that Taylor threw up against our fourplex is still there. That's kinda gross.

Now on to the 'after party.' What's a party without an after party? It's no party at all people! Lots of our pals ended up staying over for some crazy rounds of Guitar Hero and Mario Kart on the Wii. There were a lot of 'virgin' guitar hero players, but everyone has gotta try it sometime. I'm glad that we are actually using this new toy and that now everyone wants to be our friend so they can come play. We don't mind being used!

On Sunday mi madre y padre made me a birthday dinner. The most amazing hamburgers ever! I love a good bbq. My mom makes the most amazing pasta salad ever. I've even tried to mimic it but it doesn't even come close! When getting ready to leave their house, I asked my mom what she got me. Turns out they kinda forgot about that part, so my mom just wrote me a check, which was awesome and which totally justified my spending spree on Friday.

My pal Lauren took me out to dinner on Tuesday to a lil' place that I actually can't remember the name of right now. It was Mexican food, which we all know I just LOVE. Her birthday was on the 26th, so it was kind of a double bday dinner, which is fine with me because I rarely get to see her and it's a treat when I do!

Oh, another reason you all might wanna come over and play on the Wii?

Hells ya!


lauren said...

you forgot to mention your amazing dinner with me. he hee. love your face.

Kent and Leisy said...

sounds like the coolest birthday EVER. I'm super sad that I missed out. you have to admit that adding water to freaking spicy salsa does not make it MILD salsa!!! oh- and is the pope still kissing the virgin mary? Maria Bonita is one loopy place.

taylor and laney said...

Glad you liked the gift. We were cleaning out earlier in the day and thought you'd like it. If it any consolation, we left the price tag on because it was left on for us. Laney has the regifting gene (I almost spelled jean...) from her mother, the QUEEN of regifting. It was from her to me (Taylor) for Christmas along with a regifted piece of coal looking candy. I didn't even bother tasting the coal, and just chucked it, but passed the poop on to you. :)

Cali said...

Glad you had an awesome birthday! Sounded freakin awesome! ;) (Went to Maria Bonita's once - It tasted pretty good but the employees kept staring at us which made me a little nervous but what can you do)

taylor and laney said...

you got the pinata in the face on video?

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