Thursday, May 22, 2008

{...crazy lady part deux...}

Crazy Lady stopped in for another visit.

Crazy Lady, 'Is my son here yet?'

Me, realizing this is not any of the guys' mother say, 'Who are you looking for? What's his name?'

Crazy Lady ignores me and walks pass my desk towards Derek's office. She stands in the doorway, cranes her neck around and says, 'You aren't my son.'

Derek just looks at her like she's, well, a crazy lady.

She heads out and I say, 'Who is it that you are looking for?'

Crazy Lady replies, 'Spencer.'

I say, slightly annoyed at this point, 'We don't have a Spencer that works in this office.'

Crazy Lady says over her shoulder as she walks away, 'You're lucky!'


lauren said...


Kristen said...

I love me some crazies.

Cali said...

Whaaaaaaatt the psycho....

taylor and laney said...

did this really happen?! you must learn more about this woman.

Kent and Leisy said...

creep-o-rama. maybe she's trying to warn you about something.

Kayla said...

That's spooky!
So you can come visit us anytime. Just call me and let me know when!

Ashley said...

So did you start working at the Summit Group with Lauren or what?

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