Friday, June 13, 2008

{...friday the 13th...}

Um, so this post has nothing to do with Friday the 13th at all. I just realized it would be asinine if I did not post today. I wish something crazy happened, wait, I take that back. Especially since there are still 8 hours left in the day. I could still be ripped apart by a wild bear. Wow, the joke would be on me wouldn't it? I would have been expecting cancer or something, but that guy upstairs, he be tricky.

So the past couple weeks have been harsh. H to the AR to the (I gotta find creative ways to swear as I promised Josh I would quit. It's like quitting crack...not that I know)

I really thought I was 'turning a corner' finally, but you all know what happens when you are about to turn a corner. Yeah, someone hits you with a car and steals your wallet...and throws a cigarette butt at your windshield. The saddest part is I am too tired to flip the guy off. Wait, I did flip the guy off. Nevermind. Wait, does that count as swearing?

What I'm trying to say here is that I am overwhelmed (in the best of ways) about the comments, the support, and all the new friends I have made because of my 'Infertility' post. Thank you to my new pals Shiloh, Becky & Jeremy & Michelle. (I also met Stephanie and Camille via my blog when I wrote about infertility back in Oct. You can read that post here.) I shall be stalking all of your blogs. Except I don't know if you have a blog Shiloh...and you should. So get on that okay? Thank you to all those who offered such loving words of support in the comments and in emails. I have been sinking and I felt like you all have saved me. Knowing that others out there keep going even though they feel these things gives me the strength to do the same.

This is what blogging is all about people. (..and stalking...)

Hope you all have had a safe Friday the 13th. If some of you haven't, I expect a post all about it.

One more thing...if I land a kid one day, I hope it is born on Friday the 13th. That would be pretty awesome.


lauren said...

i sincerely hope you don't get ripped apart by a bear. it would make me sad. and i like this post. a lot. and it makes a lot of sense. have a great weekend dear.

Ashley said...

It would be entirely appropriate for you to have a child born on Friday the 13th. I sure hope so.

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