Monday, June 30, 2008

{...monday playlist...}

I've been listening to Sarah McLachlan nonstop for the past couple days. So I find it appropriate to dedicate my list to my favorite Sarah M. tracks. I will list the track and then the album.

1. Fallen - Afterglow
2. Do What You Have To Do (Live) - Mirrorball
3. Fear (Live) - Mirrorball
4. Adia - Surfacing
5. Blackbird - Afterglow Live
6. Building A Mystery - Afterglow Live
7. Hold On - Afterglow Live

Of course, I could have gone on for days because I pretty much heart every song she's ever put out. She is a timeless artist.



lauren said...

she's on my list of people to see in concert. wow.

Kayla said...

I love her! I went to her concert in July 2004 at the E Center. She's amazing! I couldn't pick just one song of hers to have as a fave. said...

Sarah is a classic, right at the top of my must have music list. I frankly do not understand people who don't love her, which sadly includes my girlfriend and daughter.

Necia and Joe Shumway said...

have to agree with you here. Who could not like her! Love ya Kenna!

The De Souzas said...

My Twitter update for you: "If it takes my whole life I won't break, I won't bend. It will all be worth it. Worth it in the end."

Love ya.

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