Thursday, August 21, 2008

{...brain waves...}

I recently heard from someone that they 'wish they could know what goes through my mind.' That's a pretty bold statement if you ask me, but...


Consider that wish granted.

The Olympics are rigged. Simple as that.

Time does not completely heal all wounds, but it does help.

Everyone should own an ipod. It makes life a little brighter.

Being overweight is hard. Even with the motivation, losing the weight is even harder. It's far too easy to become complacent and use excuse after excuse to justify why we are the way we are or why we do the things we do. I need to cut the crap.

Sometimes there is just nothing you can do about bad skin but blame your genetics.

Nothing makes me happier than when I discover a new band or artist that I like. Music tends to move me in ways nothing else can.

There are some things in life I can never change and for the sake of my blood pressure I need to quit stressing out about it. (and this isn't even about infertility folks)

Everyone should also get a massage at least once a month. Trust me on this.

I LOATHE Winter.

I wonder how I could escape Winter.

My watch has been without a battery for oh, say 5 months now and I still wear it every day.

There is nothing in this world that will make you feel better than a new hair do. (and a massage and your ipod) Trust me on this.

The adoption process is rigged, but the outcome either way is worth it. I am now placing this process in the same boat as the Olympics.

Why anyone would wake up at 5 in the am to go toss some worms into a lake in hopes of catching a fish is beyond me. This is why I am waking up at 5 in the am on Labor Day to go do just that with Studly and Pops.

Speaking of lakes, lake fish are yucky.

I'm thinking about creating a phone tree for my cell number. To continue in English press 1. To continue in Spanish please hang up now.


Matt and Shell said...

I totally agree with you about getting a massage freguently. They aren't weird at all. At first I was a little hesitant, but then i got over that about 2 seconds in to it. Good call, Kenna, good call.

Necia and Joe Shumway said...

ha ha thanks for your random mind thoughts!!! About like mine :)

The De Souzas said...

Hi-lar-i-ous. You should consider making this kind of post a regular on your blog. "Brain Waves Thursday" or "Tell-it-all Tuesday" or something like that.

Ashley Cooper said...

I love it! Made me laugh, which is always good when you're stressed, right?

Jen said...

Love it!

I agree some wounds don't heal. You just have to learn to live with it.

I am all for global warming = no winter!! That or a winter house in Arizona... (you are so invited if that ever happens!)

Cali said...

HA ha, touche.

Cafe Rio I'm down for. I'm free tomorrow! (Monday)

Becky said...

You are so awesome! You make me smile. By the way I have the perfect way for you to escape winter...move to Arizona. Winter is great here. It still gets coldish, but not freezing. So does that mean you are actually filling out your adoption paperwork now and not just ignoring them?

Rich and Kellie said...

between my red head and I we own 5 watches. 4 of them costing over 70 dollars.. NONE of them work. My ten dollar watch from the chubby chick store works and I get the most compliments on that one... you, I still have NO problems rocking the broken ones.. I even get asked what time it is and I lie and say..." oh no, my watch JUST stopped working! let me check my phone for you" the red head ALSO wears his blinged out broken on for job interviews... I wonder what percentage of people's watches actually work? hmm

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