Friday, September 12, 2008

{...brain waves..}

Thanks Ashley for tossing me a reminder! (Chalk one up for facebook!) I TOTALLY spaced posting today. It's been a super busy 24 hours so please Readers, forgive me.


I saw a picture of McCain and Obama tossing roses on to Ground Zero today. As much as I dislike both of them, this really, for a split second, allowed me to see them in a different light. For a second I saw the world coming together and things working out. Too bad it was only a 'moment' of silence.

Speaking of silence, there is nothing that causes more calamity in my mind and heart yet allows me to feel so calm. Huh, weird.

I used to think it was almost impossible to feel completely comfortable with another human being, other than Josh of course. I might stand corrected.

David Archuleta's new single is ADDICTING. It's SICKINGLY WONDERFUL. (Is that a word?) I have been listening to it on repeat for oh, say6 hours now?

I think I am beginning to believe that maybe my body really is toxic.

My love of frozen yogurt has been rekindled.

I am STOKED for the 'Sunflower Market.' Now I can be a hippie in Utah. Now I never need to shave my legs again!

Maybe my heart does need more time to heal.

Maybe I am too harsh on myself, but maybe you are too.

I'm still listening to David's song.

Mad Libs get me through Sacrament meeting. I wonder if I'll have to 'pay' for that one day.

Maybe I don't understand anything pertaining to the Gospel.

Maybe this edition of 'Brain Waves' is a bit too serious.

I miss talking with Mrs. Burr. Are you still traveling the globe?

I truly have made my peace with death because there are indeed worse things.

I am truly thankful for the first time in a long time.

I am excited for sushi on Saturday.

I am really tired and I know I'm going to regret staying up this late...then again, maybe not.

This is all for you, Readers. Eat it up.

(PS, the song you are listening to? DAVID)


Kristen said...

Yea! I was going into Kenna withdrawals.

I mean, yeah, sure, I could have actually TALKED to you or something to get my fix. But it's just not the same as the blog. I'm sure you understand.

lauren said...

my aunt does crossword puzzles during sacrament meeting. and your death comment made me a little sad. i've had too much of it in my life lately.

Trent and Janel Lyman said...

I was beginning to think that maybe I had my days all mixed up and that it really wasn't Thursday. So, Sunflower Market...have you already been? I so want to go check it out.

Josh n' Katie said...

My phone is lame and I just got your text yesterday when we went in to town. I miss my daily dose of Kenna! It's not that same ... I guess every Thursday will do.

Jen Nelson said...

I Lurve Thursdays!

Eek! Confession: I don't like that song.

Does that mean we can't be friends anymore? I hope not.

Mmm, sushi...

Rich and Kellie said...

did you go to they sunflower market and get fozen yogurt with jodi? If you so you are both cheating on me and therefore written out of my will.. :) Jk... I hate not having my phone... or I would SO text you. Where are you sushi-ing on Saturday?? Sushi-ness is next to Godliness....just so you know my feelings on that...:)You'll have to sushi with me sometime.

Cody and Rachelle said...

I LOVE David Archuleta's new song as well, I can't wait for his CD to come out!

Ashley said...

Hi friend. I am here. I am currently working through some issues with the I am kind of over it. I am trying to regain a testimony though. And you know about my chat disabilities. I am still here though. Still love ya. Thanks for the honorable mention. I feel so privileged, knowing the reaches of which your blog is capable.

Clint and Karley Root said...

How do you find all these good songs? I love that you play mad libs during sacrament. I play solitare....My dad said if i voted for him for bishop, he'd put vending machines in the lobby, and only 5 % tithing! What a steal...

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