Thursday, September 18, 2008

{...brain waves...}


Every time I write/type the word 'poof' I think of the movie '50 First Dates.' This, in turn, makes me think of my Dad who absolutely LOVES this movie. Then I think about how I want to go sit in their hot tub.

Speaking of hot tubs that could potentially soothe my aching back and neck, Janel, you are the BOMB. Really. Thanks for all your help with the chiropractor today. I need it.

Speaking of why my neck/back hurt, I am a complete idiot and rear ended a truck yesterday. The truck made it almost completely unscathed (small dent in the bumper, dent in the hitch) and my car is a complete MESS. NO MORE MAZDA'S! It crumpled at only 15 mph, plus the air bag didn't go off. Huh, that's not good.

I want the car place to call me today so I can figure out if I need to buy a new car. Josh and I are 97% sure the car will be totaled out. Sigh, I'm an idiot.

I have a free meal to Cafe Rio. I should use it today for lunch. Idiots need to eat, and this idiot is STARVING!

Speaking of food of the 'Mexican' kind, I want to hang out with my Mexican pals Kellie and Jodi. Perhaps I should call them 'stalking mexicans,' cause that is what they are.

Seat belts are our FRIEND.

I don't know why I am using all these random colors. Sorry if any of you get a headache.

I really hope Josh isn't still MAD at me. Oh boy, he's never been mad at me like this before. No more rear ending cars. I have found the 'mad button' through this experience.

I need a COKE with LIME from Ripples. I got one yesterday right before I ran home to grab something. I was never able to come back for it until this morning, and it's NOT THE SAME!

I feel like an idiot.

I have great cousin-in-laws.

I miss Leslie. Lots. LOTS.

Has anyone else rear ended a car before? I bet I would feel a lot better if you told me about it.

I just got seasons 2 & 3 of 'Garfield and Friends' in the mail today. Now I have ALL of them. I am excited to go home and watch. It will make me feel better.


lauren said...

seat belts are our friend. i'm just glad the damage wasn't as bad as it could've been.

and yes, the colors did make me a little nauseous.

and you still need to comment on my post.

love your guts!!

alison said...

So I was turning right at a green light, the stream of cars in front me were moving flawlessly. I obviously wasn't paying attention (probably picking my nose, or changing the radio) when the car in front of me stopped - at the green light - to make sure the cost was clear. Bam! I ran into the crazy lady. My fault of course, and the lady tried to milk more money out of me than necessary.

I felt like a pretty big idiot too, especially since school had just got out and there were dumb high school kids EVERYWHERE staring us down.

AANNNNNND I could go on about all the times I've digned up my car but running into curbs, or side swiping "No Parking" signs (that's a blog entry in and of itself).

I'm kind of crapy driver in all forms, so don't feel dumb!

Emily Shaw said...

I went to lunch with my hubby and his buddy who was visiting from New Jersey. We were leaving the Chinese Buffet in north Orem and as I was turning right around a row of parked cars, a truck was turning the opposite direction but hugged the corner too tight. Instead of hitting the truck, I took some guys bumper off.

I didn't have to wait long to see who it was - the guy was walking out the door just seconds later.

I had to call my boss and tell him I'd be late coming back on my FIRST day of work.

The guy who's bumper I took off worked in the same building as I did.

And I didn't have a current copy of our insurance in the car.

Feeling like an idiot only lasted until everyone stopped laughing at me. Once they forgot, I sorta did too. :)

The Corbetts said...

Oh not the Mazda, Hey maybe you can get your BMW now (is that the car you have always wanted) Sorry, I hope you feel better, wish I was there to make you cookies or scones I have been craving those lately. Well Hope all goes well with getting a new car.

Kristen said...

So I on my way to work one morning, listening to Melissa Ethridge, and came up to an intersection where I had to turn right. There was a long line of cars in front of me, and the intersection is right before the freeway onramp so it was slow going.

Finally it was coming up on my turn. There was only one car in front of me. It was a red light, but she started the turn. So I looked to the left to check how long the gap would be to see if I could make it, too.

Meanwhile, a cop flipped a U-ie right in front of the lady in front of me, causing her to slam on her brakes. Which I didn't see as I eased my foot off the brake. My toe didn't even touch the gas before I realized she had stopped and I slammed the brake again, so I was going maybe 3 or 4 mph. But the damage was done.

The U-ie prone cop started the report, but then told me she had to leave since she was 'involved' and another cop showed up to take her place. But since I was technically at fault for 'following too closely', I got the ticket. The other car had smudge of MY red paint about the size of a quarter on the bumper. My car, on the other hand....

...$2500 later....

.... had to get a new hood, new fender, new side panels, new radiator support, and new windshield.

So no worries. It happens to the best of us. And then it also happens to you and me. :)

Lisa said...

Hey Mckenna! I've never actually rearended anyone, but I'm glad you weren't hurt! I would be oh so sad if my favorite cool chick got hurt. If you come up my way any time soon I'll rub your neck and shoulders and have you feeling ooey gooey good in no time!

The Wendler Family said...

Story 1: So, I'm behind a car at a stop sign. They pull forward and stop abruptly cause they didn't see a car coming until it was almost in front of them. Me, being behind them, saw them acelerate and so I idoled my car forward looking to my left to see if the coast was clear... To the left, coast=clear... straight ahead=not so much. I rear ended them. They got out of the car, to servey damages while a car of of 7 Latino people empty to check out the situation. They spoke little English and were coming to talk it over until a cop car saw that we were stopped. They told me and him(-cop) everything was fine, got in the car and drove away. Thankfully no damage was done to either car, though it messed up my already screwed over neck and sholders.

Story 2: Driving in the rain, coming to the green arrow to turn on to 800 n in orem from univerity ave. (I was on my way to a chiropractic appt for another accidient I had been in. Peachy, I know.) The light turned yellow and the car in front of me put on the breaks. I did too when I saw his lights but I was coming up to a green arrow and so I was going a bit faster than I should have and I hydroplaned due to the soggy conditions. The man was NOT happy!! He marched out of his car, (in the pouring rain) the car was fine, but he was flaming mad! I appologized and of course was crying. I guess the tears helped. That and oh, the light turned green again so he hopped back into his car and drove away. Apparently he was in a hurry.

Those are my rear ending stories. I have not included the story of me closing my eyes while pregnant and driving as I'm taking my husband to school and he is saying a prayer, that totaled my car. (That I had already totaled in the past from spinning on ice into a brick wall, so it was a no $$ gained and a lost car...) If you ever need stupid car accident stories, I'm your girl!

You are definately NOT and idiot. It happenes to the best of us.

The De Souzas said...

I've been involved in several rear-enders, but they were all of the walk-away variety, and not nearly as interesting as the ones already shared. So just know, you're not alone.

P.S. I miss you too. I bet some Hello Yogurt would make you feel better. I have a really strong feeling about that. Let's go get some.

Ashley Cooper said...

What kind of Mazda did/do you have? And don't feel too bad, I hit a parked car once.

The Squires' Fam said...

so i have totally rear ended a car and it was one of the most ebaracing things ever when me and my husband had been dating for like uh a month i used his car to go buy stadium of fire tickets while he was at work and i rear ended a car on the way back after doing the rear ending i drove back to his work to tell him and i told him ( crying) that i had done something really bad and he sarcastically said what did ya wreck my car ha ha ha so i said yes but he didnt beleive me untill i went out and showed him it was definatly a horrible experiance by the way i am totally to lazy to edit and punctuate this comment so i hope you understand my comment about how im the real idiot

Cody and Rachelle said...

I am so sorry to hear your wrecked your car, that is terrible. I hope Josh is not too mad at you. I backed into a car who was backing out as well, we both felt stupid. I hope this makes you feel better somehow.

Katie said...

I'm glad you are alright. Janel's dad does do wonders when it comes to fixing car accident victims. I have had 3 accidents and 2 of them I was the rear ender. The first one was in high school and I didn't even have my license yet. The second one I was mad. I got a ticket for following to close. I wasn't following to close, the lady was just in my way! Josh should be happy, now he doesn't have to think of anything for you for Christmas he can get you your Jeep or was a Volvo? I miss Cafe Rio.

Shannon said...

I'm SO glad you are okay. Are you okay? Seriously, that is scary. 15 mph or not, crashes are not fun. Sorry about that. And of all days...lame-o.
I backed into a car once. In a parking lot. Behind a bar. I wasn't at the bar, I just parked in the same parking lot. The guy I hit had a rifle hanging in his back window. I got scared, left the scene of the accident, went and got my dad and brought him back with me. My dad was like, "I'm not going in to tell the drunk bar guy that you just smashed his truck-he's got a gun. We'll call the police and let them tell him." I was sobbing. Uncontrollably. The guy came out, the cop told him, he was fine with it. Even laughed and thanked me, saying that he needed a new driver's side everything anyway. I was a senior in highschool and had to pay the $500 deductible. It was traumatic. Do you like how stacotto(sp?) this story was?

Cali said...

In highschool, I rear-ended someone with my parents' car just after they left for a week-long vacation to California. We just lied about it over the phone until they got home. Well, it got me out of a weird prom date, anyway.

Tatum said...

3 car roll overs
1 four-wheeler roll over
1 tractor recked in a fence
3 hit parked cars
2 mini vans with shattered backs (working on my reversing skills)
4 incidents with people hitting me
1 rear end

not to mention...countless speeding tickets and a hella big car insurance payment!

8 cars and a few minor injuries later...I'm a great driver!

Tell Josh to take a chill pill and go easy on ya. Wait till you get a teenage daughter to worry about behind the wheel!! My dad was so happy to kick me off his insurance when Matt and I got hitched! A rear ender is nothing! If you get in enough wrecks you can start making money off your insurance company. At that point, with every wreck comes a nicer car;)

Karey said...

Reading your blog is comforting and disturbing. Comforting to know I am not the only one that feels the way I do. Disturbing that no matter how broken I feel you have more to deal with. I am weak sauce hang in there sister there has to be babies somewhere we can pay a bazillion dollars for. Yes I am following you from web site to web site you can't get away from me.

Katie Horrocks said...

I was riding with my sister when she rear ended a car. come to think of she was also driving a mazda 626, she ran into a truck which also left without a scratch on it and her car was totally crumpled. hey her car was even silver, thats kind of eerie.

Jared and Shalynn said...

So our Junior year in high school I was looking for a parking spot after lunch. I had taken my usual long lunch...who needs 4th period anyway right? Anyway, since I was late I couldn't find a spot so I was getting irritated. I was probably going like 10 miles an hour when out of nowhere Brandon Stone jumps on the hood of my car just trying to be funny, but he's blocking my view so I can't see anything. A normal person might stop and tell him to move so they can see and keep driving, but no not me. I just keep going and then CRUNCH I hit a car stopped in front of me! It was a senior girl that already didn't like me so I was about hating life. You could hardly see any damage on her car and my trusty saturn was actually due for a huge dent in the front to add some character so I just tried to pretend it never happened! Very embarrassing!!

Necia and Joe Shumway said...

Well I have never rear ended a car but I have hit 2 parked cars on 2 differents occasions.
I didn't know it was possible for Josh to be mad!!!
that post was so much randomness I loved it!!!

Karen said...

Well, I was on my way to school, getting ready to make a right on to center street in orem, near the library. I had the song "Come What May" from Moulin Rouge playing nice and loud and I was going to turn it up even more for the best part, and when I looked up again I realized that the car in front of me was waaay too close, and that there was NO way I WASN'T going to hit it. I put on the brakes, but hit it anyway. It wasn't bad, though. I was freaking out, but I only just scratched the car. The car actually belonged to a dealership and the lady driving it didn't own it, but she was nice and said we didn't have to report the accident if I didn't want to so I could avoid a ticket. I only had to pay about $100 to the dealership to fix the damages. I was really shaken up, though, and missed part of my Biology class.

Mike and Jess said...

yes indeed have I rear ended a car. and then right after, literally 10 minutes, someone ran into me! I wasn't very smart that day and now our car gets to have to evidences of wrecks in it forever!

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