Thursday, September 25, 2008

{...brain waves...}

Another edition of my weekly thoughts, which I know all of you are simply DYING to read.


My blog is lacking these days. As I scroll through all I see are playlists and brain waves. I have been attempting to finish a most serious post for the past, oh, week or so but it just isn't coming together the way I want. Therefore I will probably start over and it'll be another week before you see anything of quality here. I offer a most sincere apology and hope you all will continue reading despite my lack in high caliber writing.

I really want to go pick Toby up. Let's all cross our fingers for Saturday (it takes a while, getting all the insurance paperwork figured out).

Even though I will probably deny this later, I am grateful to have friends who are willing to call me out on my crap. I suppose it's part of the healing process.

Speaking of the 'healing process,' I really wish I had a time frame for it. My OCD doesn't like open ended processes.

I could really go for a Cafe Rio salad right now. Work bought me one a couple days ago but it seems as if that didn't curb my fix. Luckily I still have that free meal I told you about last week. Huzzah!

Next weekend is my 'girls trip' down to St. George. I'm stoked, I'm not gonna lie. I'm trying to think up ways to convince the gals to drive down to Vegas for a night on the town. Roller Coasters, a buffet, maybe catch an hour of the Bellagio water show... and maybe a drink or two... or three...

...or four...

Want to know what bugs me? People who can't back up their political opinions legitimately. They just rattle on and on about nothing because they know nothing. I think it's important to be educated on the candidates policies, not what they said in their autobiography. Energy, Health Care, our ever growing National debt, I mean, you can't just vote blindly.

Then again, if you are going to vote blindly, you can just write my name in.

It scares me to death to mention anything about politics on my blog. I have wanted to write about it here and there, but I think it's more sensitive than religion, infertility, and all the other junk I write about combined.

I think going to the bathroom is completely inconvenient.

I miss Leslie.

I miss Tressa.

More than ever I am needing alone time. I wonder if that is a bad thing.


lauren said...

i like your playlists and brainwaves. but you do need to write more. what else am i going to do at work?

Kristen said...

I am ALL FOR hitting Vegas. Seriously. I haven't been to Vegas FOREVER. Coke should be done with her race by noon on Saturday, I saw we talk the others into heading down after that. We can hit a buffet for dinner... play a couple of quarter slots... hatch a brilliant scheme to rob the vault of the Mirage, Bellagio, and MGM Grand...

We're doing it. Seriously.

Jen said...

Yay its Thursday!
Fingers crossed you can pick up Toby Saturday! Have fun on your 'girls trip'! Time alone is a good thing - I started running to get mine - it's almost euphoric!
I totally agree with Lauren... reading once a week is not killing enough time at work.

The De Souzas said...

You know what else is inconvenient? Getting ready for the day. Also, getting ready for bed. Oh, and eating. So mundane! I would skip all of these if I could.

You know what IS convenient? It's Thursday, which means Brain Waves AND the season premiere of the office. It's like Christmas.

Rich and Kellie said...

some of your friends call you on your crap?!?!?! of all the horrendous things you can do to a person( i say as I shake my head in a disapproving manor) that's just rude :)

Shannon & Ryan said...

girls weekend sounds fun. Vegas, though? ughh. And I whole heartedly agree with the political blog bug. It's one I want to write about, but cannot do. I will leave it to Lauren-who is braver and smarter than I-to post politics. And yes, please post more. Really. You can have your alone time while you post-it's good for you, good for me, good for everybody. HUGS.

Kent and Leisy said...

I totally agree about the bathroom thing. showering also falls into my inconvenience category.

Susan said...

Last night in his prayers Tristan said "Pees bless Kenna be better" no lie and I didn't even feed him that line!!!

Erin said...

Weenie. ;) Bring on the politics.

People don't like to be disagreed with.

Ashley said...

I like to be disagreed with. I love the pursuit of the debate, which is probably why I love calling you out on things, which I am never going to forget that you like. What's with Toby? Is this like the big screen tv?

Wahines in Bikinis said...

I just wrote a HUGE comment and it erased...

Here's the gist-
Accidents=suck=A LOT!!!
I hope you get Toby soon too!
I see you're still addicted to Cafe Rio--I'd give anything for a salad right now!!!

Let's set a date for late Jan/Feb to go and I SWEAR i won't be a lame-o anymore..swear.
Hope you are feeling better!

Katie said...

I just saw your twitter that says you got Toby! If Amanda and I were there we would have welcomed him home proper! I think you need to see how he does on long trips. So pack your bags and pickup Karey, she knows the way to get here!

Anonymous said...

Seeing as how I do NOT plan on voting for anyone actually running for president I will be voting for you. No shittin' ya, your name will be written in.

Kenna '08

Whew! That's a load off my shoulders!


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