Monday, September 29, 2008

{...monday playlist...}

1. Forever - Chris Brown
2. Criminal - Fiona Apple
3. Fuego - Pitbull
4. Just Like Me - Sarah McLachlan & D.M.C.
5. Gravity - Sara Bareilles
6. Broken - Seether & Amy Lee
7. The Curse of Curves - Cute Is What We Aim For

Again, Mondays, psh.



lauren said...

i'm having a twitch and comfort moment right now.

in the very best way possible.

The Corbetts said...

ya love the new Toby. Missing Toby on the office are ya. thats what I thought of when I saw the name. Oh so did you watch the office? Nice ride hope you enjoy it.

Susan said...

Nice list!! I am going to enjoy this weeks music!!

Losee Family said...

Hey kenna! I'm so glad I found your blog. It will be fun to see what you are up to.

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