Thursday, October 23, 2008

{...brain waves...}

Back on track...


I have got the neatest parents. No, really. They are 2 regular bad asses and all my awesome wit and endearing qualities I have inherited from them. Although my dad wouldn't admit the badass part.

For some reason this week I have eaten more twinkies than any human should. 3.

Every morning this week I have almost fallen asleep at my desk.

Josh and I have decided that we aren't going to pursue adoption via LDS Family Services. We both don't feel right about it so we will be digging further into other agencies (hopefully picking back up with Heart and Soul when we can) to see if we can score a baby.

After my appointment with the Shrink last night I wanted to throw up.

I am a believer in online shopping. All of Josh's presents, well, the majority of them have been purchased online. I figure shipping costs the same as gas. I loathe shopping during the 'holidays' so most of you are going to get an awesome, handmade with crayons card from me with a cookie or two saying, 'Happy Freakin' Holidays.' Okay, I'm kidding, at least about the crayon part...

I might have to undergo a minor surgery before the year is out. They are going to drill and clean out my sinus' because the infection from the brain surgery just won't go away. That's right, I'm STILL smelling sewage. Eekers.

I have every intention of sleeping in until noon this Saturday. If you call me, I will ignore you.

I have purchased 5 huge bags of Halloween candy from Target. Don't worry, I am saving half a bag for the littles who come knocking on my door, as long as they get there before 6. After that I'm not promising anything.


Sigh, I can't believe I'm caving and buying a pre-lit tree for Christmas this year. I thought our little 2 1/2 foot tree was perfect, but apparently it is 'scroogish' if you ask Studly. Sucker.


lauren said...

never underestimate the power of the pre-lit tree.

i, too, have also fallen asleep at my desk. pretty much every day this week.

welcome back, brainwaves, welcome back.

Kristen said...

I agree with you about the Christmas cards - why use Crayons when you can use those markers that smell like food?

By the way, there's always room for you in my hell basket. Bring Twizzlers.

Dani Lou said...

Remember that time you stopped blogging till people commented?
I'm glad you started up again... even when I forgot to comment. I really do read every post you write and love every second of it!
You rock.

Kent and Leisy said...

a pre lit tree?! I have to agree with studly about it. I will admit, however, that we have one too.

Josh n' Katie said...

Something must be wrong ... you are talking about Christmas and it's still October. Yesterday I saw a Christmas tree out and lite on someones porch and I thought of you and your love of the holidays.

I got a one twinkie a year policy. Have you ever had a fried one? They sell them at the fair.

Scott & Ashley Cooper said...

I'm a total nerd, but Brain Waves is one of the highlights of my week. I love you!

The VerNooy's said...

The whole candy thing made me laugh very hard. My husband I thought it was hilarious! Probably because we have already eaten my mother in laws Halloween candy!

The Jensens said...

Your post was hilarious!! Don't worry about being a jerk, I am sure I deserved it back then, I thought I was pretty freakin cool back then, and I have since had a reality check- I hope your adoption process goes smoothly. My brother is in the process right now. And we like to say that it is their pregnancy. I know that adoption can be an emotional rollercoaster just like being pregnant can. So to me its the same. I will keep stopping by its fun to see what other people from highschool are up too. Good Luck!!

Jen said...

I am a total scrooge. We barely got our Christmas tree up before Christmas last year! AND we don't put ANY lights on our house.

Halloween is lame. Except for the candy sales. That rocks.

stephanie huff said...

Hey, I am Harmony's sister-in-law and have adopted three beautiful children through an agency in Alabama who are wonderful.. If you would like you can check out my adoption blog They are a lot cheaper than most agencies in Utah. about 15,000

Kristin said...

I always thought real was the only way to go when it came to trees, but David finally talked me into a fake tree. I was so upset, but now every year when I don't have to fork out $50 for a real one, I'm grateful. I also don't miss pine sap, spilt water on presents and pine needles everywhere. We were foolish and didn't buy prelit though, so we still have to string lights.

Our big tree is in the back of the storage shed, so we'll be using the little one - also fake.

I just buy a real wreath at Costco to get that pine smell!

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