Wednesday, October 15, 2008

{...mouth closed...}

I in no way regret what I wrote or how I said it. I stand by what I said, however, issues like this appear to be too complex to write about on my own small piece of the internet. To avoid further problems and keep from offending more, I have retired that post to my trash can. This does not change how I feel about anything.

My friend Lauren said it best, so if she doesn't mind I'm going to leave you with her explanation for my last post. Her words so often explain more than what mine can.

i'm going to respond to what you have said on behalf of kenna. i have no doubt that your words are sincere and not intended to be hurtful. and i agree that people all have certain trials and difficulties in life that are very real and very personal. some, to the outsider looking in, might appear to be trivial or invalid.

that being said, i don't blame kenna for being upset at this offender. i don't think said offender meant to hurt kenna; kenna doesn't think that either. it's the constant and incessant lack of tact that gets to kenna. that hurts her and studly. sure, this offender can feel the panicky feelings of wondering whether or not she'll be fertile. but i think that when said person has been married LESS THAN A YEAR and has a person who is close to them who CAN'T HAVE CHILDREN EVER, that the person would be a little more conscientious about how others (kenna) may feel.

that's the problem. it's the constant lack of regard for anyone's feelings but their own personal feelings. and it seems like it's time that this behavior should be brought to the offender's attention. because the offender seems a bit too egocentric to me. and i know that this is something that kenna has kept in for a long time.


Shylo said...

I agree with your friend Lauren, I am so glad you posted what she said. I did not read the post that was written and is now in the trash, I'm glad it went there.

We need to go play, go shopping, go to dinner do something its been way too long.

luv ya

Natasia said...

So, sounds like we're both getting hate mail huh? People are inconsiderate Kenna, It's something we both know. Even though the things others say may hurt us, realize that they are being ignorant of the facts and reasons we say the things we do. No one should expect to know how or why you feel the way you do.
I think you're great for being you.
Keep up the writing-I love reading.

The De Souzas said...

Hmmmm. You definitely need to email me.

Anonymous said...

Shoot! I totally missed it!

I think I get the jist of what happened... Lauren did an excellent job explaining whatever it was she was explaining!

and yeah, I think you need to email me too!

PSA of the day: Don't be selfish :)


Josh n' Katie said...

If Lauren is talking about what I think she is talking about... Amen sista! Very well put.

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