Monday, November 10, 2008

{...monday playlist...}

I am dedicating my playlist to Paramore. They have always been in my top 5 bands, and their music hits me right to my core. They have been around for longer than you'd think, and I'm sure they are going to get all mainstream now that they are the musical face of 'Twilight.' Let's be honest though, whatever it takes to get them to put out more tunes.

1. Emergency, 'All We Know Is Falling'
2. Pressure, 'All We Know Is Falling'
3. My Heart, 'All We Know Is Falling'
4. Misery Business, 'Riot!'
5. Crushcrushcrush, 'Riot!'
6. Fence, 'Riot!'
7. Decode, 'Twilight Soundtrack'

***this is pretty much was I desire to be in life***


lauren said...

i am very happy that this is your playlist this week. i give you the credit for my introduction to and love of this band. just fyi.

and decode is on the top of my favs lists right now.

Lisa said...

I had never heard of Paramore until they announced that they had the theme song for Twilight. I love hearing about new bands, and from what I've heard of Paramore they're pretty good!

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