Wednesday, December 31, 2008

{...that's a wrap...}

I have nothing much to say about 2008, other than I am more than ready to kick it out the door.

For those of you who are new to 'El Blogo de Insanity,' and for those of you who just can't get enough, here is a little recap. Just in case you missed it.

January : There is no better way to start off the new year than with a cruise. Thank you Grandma Kimball for making that possible. It was my entire family (around 40 of us) for a big blow out reunion. Although I wasn't in 'bikini-body-shape' I still had an enjoyable time. Plus, it's not like I was the fattest one on the ship. Not by a long shot. This was, of course, a huge self esteem booster. Thank you to all the fatties who wore speedos. Not only did you help me fill up my camera with quality pictures, but you also made me feel okay in my own skin, if only for 7 days. I also found out that I had yet another most awesome disorder called, 'Trigeminal Neuralgia.' Otherwise known as the, 'Suicide Disease.' What can I say? I'm an overachiever. This also marked one year since we said goodbye to little Addalyn. Last but not least, little Hanna joined my clan of 'kids I actually like.'

February : Brain surgery. Need I say more? I spent my days blogging nonsense from the ICU on an ipod touch. That is some serious motor skills for someone who just had their brain drilled into. I also slept through some of the most insane snow storms of that Winter, which was fine by me. Oh, and just in case I died I made Josh take me to see Riverdance. Don't worry, it was the 3rd time I saw it live. Little Asher joined the clan of, 'kids I actually like.'

March : Let's be honest, I was drugged up for most of March. Josh turned 24, and I'm sure we celebrated. I slept a lot, found out I was leaking brain fluid through my nose. Oh, and I was completely wasted for St. Patty's day. Thank you perc.ocet. Little Andrew joined my clan of 'kids I actually like.'

April : I went back to work full-time after 8 weeks of brain rest. It was insanely hard. Let's just say I'm not the sharpest tool in the shed anymore. I spent most of my nights drugged watching American Idol. Oh, I also found out this little tidbit of information about my surgery and came to the conclusion that brain surgery wasn't for me.

May : Still healing from surgery. Had a birthday, turned the big 2-3, (23 and tumor free as Erin put it) invited the entire neighborhood over for cake, ice cream, and to beat the crap out of a panda pinata. Later I came to find out that Josh totally thought it was a goat. Right. We finally got all the remodeling done in the busted apartment. No more hippie carpet for us. Josh let me splurge on a Wii (which has been some of the best money spent, EVER) and all of a sudden people started coming over to hang out.

June : Mi Madre had a birthday, although I don't think I'm allowed to say how old she is. I'm pretty sure she's been 27 for the past 5 years. So You Think You Can Dance was my obsession. I went on a 'book buying spree' so I could help my brain work properly, which didn't seem to work but hey, I've got lots of books and it makes me look smart. 16 weeks out, still healing. Still fat. About this time we were told that having a biological child was out of the questions. Infertility has been a huge part of our life. As if my heart hadn't shattered a million times before, it was still able to break into pieces. To ease the pain we bought a 52" tv. Naturally.

July : Mi Padre had a birthday and he is looking as young as ever. I called out all my readers to 'de-lurk' themselves which turned out to be way more successful than I thought it would. Still healing from brain surgery. Still learning to cope with infertility. Not fun. Heartbreaking. On a less heartbreaking note, on the 29th Studly and I celebrated our 2nd year of blissful marriage. Let's make a toast to how resilient this man is. He hasn't left me yet.

August : Brain Waves made their debut. It proves that I am indeed clinically insane. Our TV didn't turn off for the entire duration of the Olympics. I still think China is full of cheaters. Studly and I went to see Brian Regan at the Thanksgiving Point Amphitheatre. This was our second time seeing him live and it's always a treat. Josh and I went to an adoption orientation meeting and it scared the crap out of us. Infertility strikes again. Still healing, still fat.

September : Hailey and I had FLOOR seats to the 'So You Think You Can Dance' concert. This is in the category of 'best money ever spent.' We got to sit next to a couple crazy drunk chicks, which was a highlight for sure. This reminds me that I still have Hailey's flash drive and I need to download the pictures and give it back. (Sorry girl) I also decided to ram my Mazda into a truck and total it. This was not in vain, however, as I got to bring Toby home. Josh said I had to run the Mazda into the ground before I got a new car. What can I say, I like to improvise. Still healing, still struggling with the infertility label.

October : 2 years since I found out I was pregnant with Addalyn. Feels like a lifetime ago. Most of my time was spent working and attempting to carry on with life as normal. Josh is filling out Pharmacy applications to try and get us out of this place. With our luck we'll get accepted to a Utah school and stay put. That wouldn't be a complete lost cause, however, as we do like all you Utah peeps. Halloween we, um, I don't remember. Probably hung out with Trent & Janel or Ammon & Erin.

November : We had a most wonderful Thanksgiving with my side of the family. It was calm and lovely and everything we needed it to be. Of course, someone always has to rain on the parade but all-in-all we were content. Oh, and full of turkey. Twas the big BYU v UTAH game, and of course my Utes prevailed. (Suck on that Utah County)

December : Found out my dear Grandma Kimball had breast cancer, but after a successful surgery we are pleased to say she is cancer free. I worked more than ever, rarely coming home on time. This was alright with me, as Christmas isn't my favorite holiday and I was doing anything and everything possible to avoid it. I bought a tree and actually decorated it, which is HUGE for me. Josh and I spent a lot of time with family, opened presents, played Guitar Hero World Tour, watched movies, ate and managed to get caught in a snowdrift and buried in an insane wind storm. Oh, and I finally got an iphone. Little Maya joined the clan of, 'kids I actually like.' Still healing, emotionally and physically.

I guess I can't complain. I have been blessed and I am still alive. I have a wonderful husband, great family, awesome friends and the support of all you fellow readers.

Here's to 2008.

Bring on 2009.

***Good thing I keep a blog. It's how I gathered all information for this post. If not for the blog each month would go something like this, 'Um, we did stuff and had fun with stuff and some crappy stuff happened but all in all good month of stuff.***


Trent and Janel Lyman said...

Man....that's a lot of babies in one year! I'd have to say that first one, the one born in January, is by far my favorite.:) But I too love them all! As for that Wii..yeah we use you...we only like you for your awesome toys :) The birthday bash was SO fun. LOVED the pinata, still laugh about it. You guys are awesome! We love having you as our neighbors. (I thought of putting another ! there...but then I that would be TOO many in one paragraph)

The VerNooy's said...

WOW! What a year of adventures for you. You sound so very busy. I'm glad your still alive. I wish I could remember this year...but alas, I can't. I hope you can adopt soon, that would be awesome.

P.S. Thanks for letting me vent this year, it was great to have someone to relate to.

Steve and Hailey said...

That was one of the greatest recaps ever! I feel so indulged that I'm included and I agree that the money was well spent on those tickets. If December wasn't such an expensive month I would make you go to Wicked with me....hopefully it comes again.

When do you hear back from Pharmacy schools? I always laugh with I think about Pharmacy because my crazy cousin actually thought it was for farmers...maybe I should just keep that to myself..

lauren said...

that was an excellent recap. you did fail to mention my awesomeness, but i'll forgive you just this once. :P

Katie said...

Beautiful recap, it brought back some great memories, the fun and the not so fun!
I love your stories, you really could write a book about your life and people would buy it!
I forgot about the Panda/Goat pinata! You forgot the best part of the story when it turned into the crazy killing pinata. We had some fun times "out front"!

The Wendler Family said...

Quite the recap! Can't wait for more posts and brain-waves to come! :) Happy New Year!!!

Jess said...

I'm very impressed that you can remember your year by months. And you say your brain doesn't work. You are so amazing McKenna, I wish you could see yourself as others see you. You don't realize the influence you have on people, you have an insane amount to offer people. I wish I could help you through your trials, but I'm pretty much worthless when it comes to knowing what to say to people. Anyway, this is becoming too long, I love ya, and I hope 2009 is an AWESOME year for you and your family!!

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