Friday, January 23, 2009

{..see ya in 100lbs...}

Me and my ho's gonna get skinny.

So the journey begins, go HERE.


Cali said...

Ha ha, that's really cute! Although I can't imagine that the cupcake background is going to help!! How does one join this group? (Or DOES one?)

Lisa said...

Well, good luck! I hope it works for you! I am horrible at diets, which is why I look like a whale. But most days I can convince myself that as long as my husband likes whales then I'm good. (These dillusions let me have seconds of my cheese-stuffed pasta!)Occasionally I get the motivation to fix myself, but it's usually when I'm pregnant and can't do anything about it! But you can do it Mckenna! You're a better person than me!

Jen Nelson said...

YAY! I'm so excited for you! I've never done WW just counted calories and exercised. I always feel so much better when I do!

I'm hoping to stay in shape before getting pregnant so I don't have stretch marks at 12 weeks. Then it will be easier to stay in shape during pregnancy. I hear that helps with labor... we'll see (hopefully!!)

With so many kids having weight problems I want to be able to teach mine healthy eating/exercise habits.

I'll be cheering for you!

Ashley Cooper said...

I share Cali's question(s); how does one get in on this?

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