Thursday, February 12, 2009


I am mad.




Seeing RED, people.

Whilst watching Dr. Phil yesterday I realized something that I know has crossed my mind before, but I have never let it sink in. Phil was talking about Miss 'I-think-I'll-take-8-more-babies-please-considering-I-wasn't-loved-as-a-child-let-me-throw-my-issues-onto-them-for-my-own-selfish-sake' and he showed some interesting facts.

Do you know what Studly and I have to PROVE just to be come parents?!

Do you know what 90% of the population, and what 50% SHOULD have to prove to be parents?!

I'll tell you first, the latter is jack squat.

Studly and I have to prove we are stable.

Financially stable.

Emotionally stable.

Physically/medically stable.

We have to prove that our marriage is stable.

That our jobs are stable.

That our income is stable.

That our house is in tip-top stable shape.

We have to be evaluated, shrinked up, tested for this, tested for that.

THEN, we have to PAY THOUSANDS and THOUSANDS of dollars.

To those I love, and to those I don't, please, think about how lucky you are.

For those who travel this road with me, I am sorry, my heart is breaking for you because I know you have felt this way too.


lauren said...

psycho octuplet "i have mass issues" lady.

i'd be happy to punch her in the face too if you'd like.

Trent and Janel Lyman said...

SERIOUSLY! I too am angry about this lady, and the doctor who allowed her to do this. Dr Phil is on right now doing more of this story. It sucks what you've been through just to have a child that most people don't even think about.

Thanks for reminding me how very lucky I am to be a parent! It is a blessing that I'll do my best to remember at 3am. And I have no doubt, in anyway, that you too will have that chance....I've told you I'd do it for you :) You and Josh are going to be the best parents, you both love my children in ways that we will NEVER be able to. For that we love you.

Joanna said...

Kenna, I love you! and my heart aches for you. I have a blog now. ;) you can stalk me too. You are in my thoughts and prayers often. :)

Ash-face and J-pants said...

Have you seen her? She gives me the creeps. My heart goes out to you. But I'm sure that whoever investigates you guys will find that you are more than qualified to be a great mother. (Just don't tell him about your hopes to feed your kids Krispy Kreme for every meal.)

AJ said...


I went to the website where people are donating money and posted a comment. Not that nasty but pretty bad. My DH has told me to stop reading about her because it makes me want to steal all those kids and put them in stable homes.

I totally agree that what couples who want to adopt have to go through is ludicrious (I think I spelled that wrong!). Her Dr. should have his license revoked. There is no way that she "thought" she'd only have twins. You do NOT put that many embryos in a person. Max is 3, normally, right? Argh.

I have to stop talking about it because I'm going to end up having a heart attack!

Sorry....this wasn't supposed to be a "I am so ticked off" comment.

But I am!!!!!!!

Lance and Jewls said... just said exactly what I sucks!

Jared and Shalynn said...

Those poor babies. It isn't fair to them that they were born under these circumstances to this woman. How a child is raised effects them for the rest of their lives. Some adults make some very irresponsible and selfish decisions and it would be great if they were sterile ;). One day after you get through all the hoops adoption is making you jump through you WILL be a great mother and your babies will be very blessed to call you mommy.

Mann Clann said...

Sometimes it is easy to forget about all the pain that we went through when we were trying to have our first baby. For that I am sorry. Thank you for reminding me how lucky I really am. We tried and tried, saw a doctor, then met with the adoption agency, then gave up. It hurt so bad. It'll happen somehow, someday for you too.

Kristin said...

I get so frustrated about this psycho woman. I wish they'd quit talking about her since she did for attention.

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