Saturday, March 7, 2009

{...'cause it's your birfday...}

Happy 25th Studly
For traditions sake, here are 25 reasons why I adore this guy.

1. You STILL haven't left me.
2. Even though you aren't excited for things I am excited about, you try and that counts for something.
3. You let me buy floor seats to the Paramore concert. Oh, and you are coming with me.
4. You love me even though I'm quite large in the weight department.
5. Hardcore patience. I will say this every year.
6. I would not have survived brain surgery without you.
7. You don't get mad at me when I kick your trash at Guitar Hero.
8. You laugh every time you put on your Lucky jeans because it says 'Lucky You' under the zipper.
9. Have I mentioned that you haven't left me yet?
10. You support me in many, many ways.
11. You take the garbage out even on your birthday.
12. It doesn't bother you that I am a horrible cook. Or at least you don't tell me, which is smart thing to do.
13. You have goals and you are determined to achieve them.
14. It's adorable to watch you interact with the kiddos. If you only realized how much Carter and India adore you.
15. You are going to make a great dad. I promise that one day it'll happen, even though I know I don't believe it much myself.
16. You like roller coasters.
17. You are watching 'Win A Date With Tad Hamilton' with me on your birthday.
18. You are funny. I need that because I'm funny too, and it's nice to have someone to play off of.
19. You are going to be a drug dealer, and we ALL know that will work for me.
20. You make sure that I take my meds every night. Even when I whine and complain and say how sick I am of taking them.
21. You deal with my childish ways. (see above)
22. You clean up well.
23. You are a genius. I dig that.
24. If you could you'd be a rock 'n' roll drummer, like Robert Fishman, and that's hot.
25. I love you 'cause you love me back.


Harmony. Anthony. Kelton. Kynley. said...

I liked reading about your hubby, sounds like a great guy!! Happt birthday to him-

Kayla said...

Happy Birthday, Josh!

Kara and Tyler said...

Awww, what a stud! Happy Birthday. And Kenna, you sure deserve such a wonderful husband!!!!!

Eric & Jodi Eames said...

You two are adorable...question does he own one said Robert Fishman outfit?? cause that would be hot!!!

blakeandcourt said...

Very cute! he's a lucky man to have such a good wife.

Jen Nelson said...

Happy Birfday Josh!

lauren said...

this is a lovely list for a lovely husband. way to go studly.

Kristin said...

Don't you love coming home to someone you really like? It makes all the rest of it bearable. Congrats on getting a good one.

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