Sunday, May 10, 2009

{...'m day'...}

It wasn't on my agenda to post. I figured if I just closed my eyes real tight and clicked my heals together that I would either forget it was 'M Day' or it would skip over me completely.

Hmmm, no such luck.

I'll be honest, I dread this day. Not that I don't love celebrating my Mother and all the other wonderful women that I have the pleasure of knowing, because I do.

My Mom deserves mad props, and I try to remember to give them to her more than just once a year. I know her path to 'mom-hood' didn't go the way she'd probably planned. She took on the role as my mom when she was 19 years old; when she married my Dad. I was a punk ass 3 year old who desperatly needed a mommy. She saved my life and raised me to be the woman I am today. Words cannot express the love I have for my Mommy. If I end up being 1/2 the woman she is, I'll be proud of myself.

Today is difficult because I hate reminders of what I'm lacking. Trust me, I do an awesome job reminding myself of my situation. Alas, the world doesn't revolve around me and that is just selfish thinking anyway.

As hard as it was for me today, or everyday rather, I was so gently reminded that I am loved regardless. That those who mean the most to me have been thinking about me. I think that is what makes the difference in how I am able to cope day in and day out. Just to know that my family and friends thought of me long enough to write a note or bring by flowers or let me cuddle their little for all 3 hours of church, it calms the storm.

I shed tears today. Some out of sadness, and some out of gratitude. Heavenly Father has shown me yet again that He loves me via the actions of others.

From the bottom of my heart, thank you.


Jen Nelson said...

Love you so much.

Lisa said...

I love you Mckenna, wether you believe it or not. I'm glad it was a bearable day.

Evans Family said...

Your strength truley inspires me!! I am so proud to call you family. I love you so much.

Me and Andy changed our blog info.... our new URL is

The Wendler Family said...

Thought of you on Mother's Day. I am glad you felt the Heavenly Father's love. Because you are loved.

Lance and Jewls said...

I don't love M-Day other. I'm glad that it was a good one and not a bad one though!! Love you!

Jessica GaleforceOne said...

No worries it sounds like your Womans day was as great as mine /hug

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