Wednesday, July 1, 2009

...any thoughts?...

I have been reading about how the FDA wants to get rid of acetaminophen narcotics (perc.ocet, vic.oden). Read more here.

What do you think?
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lauren said...

how about oxycontin? i had a friend who did all sorts of drugs, and it was the abuse of oxycontin that finally got him to rehab. i think it's a good step that the FDA wants to reevaluate some of the prescription drugs that are out there... but within reason.

besides, i think the FDA is a bit on the inept side anyway. but at least they're trying?


Ashley Cooper said...

Okay, I know very little on the sujbject, but here's what I think based on what I do know.

A) Prescription narcotics have all sorts of problems associated with them as far as abuse goes. (My family is suffering all sorts of consequences due to one person's abuse of narcotics and it sucks.) I don't think that getting rid of a couple is going to change any of that.

B) It sounds like the public just needs to be educated. I had no idea that acetaminophen went by so many other names/abbreviations. Maybe the FDA just needs to change labeling requirements or something so that people at least have the opportunity to be more aware. (If they bother taking the time to read labels anyway...)

Erin said...

I think people need to take education more seriously. I mean, how hard is it to read directions and ingredients? And if you still don't get it . . maybe call a doctor?

I think people need to learn that it's ok that everyone knows your life/marriage/kids/whatever is not perfect.

AJ said...

What they are doing totally makes sense but they need to be able to have other drugs that are similar to the ones they are taking off the shelf. I had vic.odin with all my surgeries and even though I only took it for a little bit after surgery I don't know what I would have done without it.

Working in the medical field for as long as I did I knew the risks of too much acetaminophen. That is why I always took advil if I needed anything. I never understood why, if acetaminophen was so toxic to your liver, they never really warned people about taking it.

Everytime I hear the word Tyl.enol I always think liver failure. Do you think the makers of tyl.enol are going to be happy about this? Nope, but it is a step in the right direction.

I don't think they need to outright ban acetaminophen like they are doing but they need to have pharmacists that really explain the side effects and the dangers of too much acetaminophen. They need a label that is bigger that explains the risks.

I think they are going a bit crazy with banning the acetaminophen narcotics. They really just need to have more education and drug control (i.e. the Pharmacists, Doctors, Nurses, etc. need to step up and be more responsible).

Ok, off my soapbox now :-)

Clint and Karley Root said...

i think they should make it very clear, what you can take and what you cant. there should be a pamplet. or maybe news letter!!

Jen Nelson said...

Hmm, lets not educate people and let them make their own decisions, lets just take away the option.


My grammy has cronic pain from radation damage and cannot. function. without pain meds. I guess if this FDA pulls this off I'll be taking orders for drug runs to Mexico.

Kenna said...

I agree with a lot of your comments. It seems to me there just needs to be more education.

I'm not a genius, but I do know that every time I fill ANY type of prescription that I get a little 'explanation sheet' with it. I also know that when I buy straight up Tylenol over the counter, it comes with specific instructions and warnings right. on. the. box.

Maybe I am bias. I couldn't imagine brain surgery or other situations without the aid of perc.ocet.

I know there are so many out there who abuse said drugs, but that is going to happen with any/all types of narcotics, whether or not they contain acetaminophen.

I also think about those who may be allergic to NSAIDS, such as motrin, ib profen, etc.

Yes, maybe more strict control of these drugs and new dosage instructions will help, but taking them away forever for good?

What if I stand in front of a train and get killed, does that mean we need to take away all trains? (Maybe that's a bad metaphor, but hopefully you get the idea)

Dad said...


Roger and Tasha said...

I work for a Drs. Office so it will be interesting to see what is going to happen. And we do have our "addicts" that depend on those....hmmm interesting

Michelle said...

I VERY RARELY use pain meds. And when I do it is because I am in a lot of pain. That being said percocet SAVED me after I had my baby! Seriously, heaven sent!

I agree with you, a person can overdose on pretty much any drug, are we going to get rid of all of them?

Agency, people. . .

Trent and Janel Lyman said...

So here is a little bit of education from a nurse. Per.cocet is oxycodone with tylenol added. You can get just plain oxycodone with no tylenol. I see it all the time in the hospital. Lortab or hydrocodone is now made with less tylenol and labeled as Norco which is now more widely used in one of our local hospitals they don't even serve Lortab any more. So the moral of the article is that we are not getting rid of any narcotics just the tylenol that is associated with it. So for all you people who have brain surgeries or knee surgeries or babies and need/want a narcotic pain medication it will still be available for you to enjoy just without the tylenol so you can drink all the Nyquil you want and not have to read any labels or be informed at all. Hell if people were informed it would put all us nurses out of a job :)

The Pritchett Clan said...

Dopeheads will always find something to abuse. Why take away the benefits to those for whom it was created- pain management. People who want to abuse something will always find the next best thing if the feds take it away. It will probably be something even more dangerous- like cooking up their own concoction, sniffing paint, etc. Besides, like guns, the bad guys always know how to get their hands on it to sell to the addicts.

Amy said...

I don't know that there is a good answer to this. Those who abuse, will abuse no matter what is in the medication. No matter how much teacing is enforced, no one can stop it. I have seen this first hand since I work in the medical field.
However, these medications do have benefits when you are really in pain. Only if you could some how regulate it better. But we have our freedoms to make our own choices.

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