Sunday, July 5, 2009

...i'm a bad, bad person...

Confession: I am blogging from my iPhone during Sacrament meeting. I know, right? So evil.

I can't help it. I want to scream and cry and swear and tell God how infinitely pissed off I feel right now. I rarely feel rage but as of late I have smothered all of my feeling concerning infertility and my current life situation. I suppose that is a recipe for disaster. Especially with someone such as myself. I am really good at keeping it together on the outside but that doesn't mean I'm not falling apart.

Perhaps this is where I should stop. I have a tendency to say things in the heat of my emotions which in turn, without fail, offend someone.

Even if what I say is right in the money.

This is the part where I wish I would have taken a perc.ocet and drank a 32oz coke. I know better than to not.

I. Know. Better.

I probably am contributing to the whole acetaminophen scandal.

This is the part where I leave you to go sob in the bathroom.

-- Post From My iPhone


Ashley Cooper said...

I love you! I can't take away your pain, but I'm praying that you can find peace in the midst of it. *HUGS*

Lance and Jewls said...

Oh Kenna! Another "baby blessing Sunday" eh? Don't worry I hate them too! Today we were visiting family and they blessed this little baby with lots of hair. So unfair to me that people can have multiple babies with no problems, they should at least be ugly, bald ones or something!
Love you Kenna! We still need to get together!!

Cali said...

Maybe a trip to the coast would help you feel better? At least for a little while? :)

Amy said...

Oh Mckenna! I am always here. We should talk again soon and have our get together soon!!

The VerNooy's said...

I absolutely love your post because its so true! I hate baby blessing Sundays, we purposely miss them when we know there is going to be a blessing. I have found that with a lot of Mormons, my family especially, they are way too judgmental when it comes to other people having families. I actually told someone in our ward off about it a couple weeks ago. It felt incredibly good.

Jen Nelson said...

Aw, fast Sunday. Such a beautiful evil day.

I am so sorry. I wish I could fix it all.

Big hugs sweetie!

Tina said...

Kenna....I feel your pain! I missed our fast sunday sacrament meeting and was actually pleased with myself...that's supposed to be wrong, right?

Laurel said...

we seriously need a hogi yogi lunch date. then we can laugh at all the employees at shopko and be thankful we are not one of them.

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