Thursday, July 9, 2009

...i've got to breathe...

There's so many times I don't know what I'm doing.

Like I don't know now.

I started this post about a 1/2 an hour ago where I wrote the two sentences above. Before I could go any further I felt hot tears building in my eyes. In these moments I tend to be a bit abrupt with myself. In this instance I stood up, paced for a moment and sternly yelled at myself to, 'Calm the hell down.'

Before I completely broke down into sobs, there was knock at my door. I ignored it for a moment, hastily using my shirt to wipe away the tears and make my face look more like I had allergies. It isn't in my best interest to open the door mid-break down.

Then came the second serious of knocks.

Hailey was on my doorstep and asked if I could hold baby Griff while she ran a quick errand. I happily obliged and was almost instantly relieved of a good amount of painful emotions I was experiencing. 15 minutes of that sweet, sleepy little man completely turned my night around. After a wonderful chat with Hailey whilst watching Jack (baby Griff's big bro) beat the crap out of 'something' with his pirate sword (which was quite hilarious), I am feeling okay. Calm enough to begin thinking rationally.

Muchos Gracias Hailey & Jack & Griff

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Erin said...

I loved reading about that experience. Thanks for sharing. And thanks for being willing to rescue us too without having to be asked. ;)

Jen Nelson said...

I like it when you swear at yourself. I swore at a guy in a parking lot Tuesday morning. It was 6:30am and he was a jerk. But you're not a jerk. Where was this comment going? I have nooo idea.


lauren said...

yay for cute littles. glad they cheered you up. that, in of itself, is absolutely lovely.

Steve and Hailey said...

Oh good! Two things-I felt so badly when you came to the door because I could tell you were sad. You never have to answer your door for me. Then I worried that you would be frustrated with my request. I just had to show you Griff's clean nails (well and I really couldn't carry him and cupcakes....) You are welcome to Griff and Jack whenever you please. Griffin might be easier on you considering Jack is totally nuts and owns several pirate swords. We love you!

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