Thursday, July 30, 2009

...sooo i cried a bit...

And by a 'bit' I mean a lot.

I was directed toward THIS blog and let me tell you, this woman is amazing.

She has the ability to say the words that I can't.

She is strong, and tender, and simply amazing.

She is the kind of person I want to be.

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Shannon said...

I happened upon her site once a while back and was really impressed with it; she gives some seriously detailed info. regarding adoption. I'm glad you posted about it; I'd lost the are right. What a neat gal. Strong, and faithful and inspiring.

AJ said...

Thanks for linking to her blog. I am glad there are awesome people out there (you and her and all the others!).

If we adopt twins I will give you one :0)

Jen Nelson said...


Sorry work, I'll be reading her blog all day!

It's funny (not haha) that you don't see how much you are already like her. One day you will.

Mann Clann said...

Kenna!! I totally know Josh Redfern! We were friends in the summer of 1997 at Heritage Halls at BYU. He is such a nice guy! I have no idea about what is going on in their lives now, but I am glad you two found each other.

The Wendler Family said...

Oh how I love the rhouse blog. It is a favorite to be sure. I've been reading them for months. I'm glad you are enjoying her posts now too!

Kayla said...

Wow! She rocks! That is one awesome blog.

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