Wednesday, September 2, 2009

...i like suprise presents...

I came home from work yesterday and found a little present waiting on my doorstep.

My pal Dayna (aka super woman) left me a sweet little note with this book. She expressed that she was excited for our journey towards adoption, and assured me I would be a good mother.

That meant the world to me.

You see, at this moment, I am staring at a stack of FINISHED adoption papers. That's right folks, the first step has been completed (in record time I might add, just 3 weeks).

Why am I staring at them?

I. Am. Scared.

Dayna, thanks for the little pick me up. I'm running to our agency's office (LDS Fam Services) tomorrow to drop them off.

p.s. You should check out Dayna's blog here. She is an inspiration to all. Show her some love.

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stephanie said...

congrats! what agency?

AJ said...

You rock!!! You've definitely got us beat! Hopefully you'll beat us in the placement part too :-) (If you lived in Fresno I might not think that, see I'm pretty unselfish, right?)

Ashley Cooper said...


Jewls said...

Yay!! You're plowing through, way to go! I finally got motivated and everything is done except the bp letter, photo collage, and the stuff we have to wait to do when our bg checks get back!! I am so excited for you, keep us posted on how it's going!!! You ARE going to be a great mom!! Love, Jewls

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