Monday, September 14, 2009

...prayers needed in bulk...

Many of you know that I just adore Mrs. R and her lovely blog. In fact, it was Mrs. R and her courage that pushed me to finish our adoption papers and turn them in. She has been a strength to me and I have never even met her. She's emailed me, chatted on the gchat, and given me priceless advice and hope for my situation.

Right now she is fighting for her little boy, Gavin. You can read the entire story on her blog, but basically I am begging you all to visit her blog, offer her words of comfort, and more importantly, pray for Mrs. R, her family, and judge who has 58 days left to decide if their little one is going to remain in their care.

Also, and I have plugged this before here, she has an etsy shop where they are selling beautiful necklaces to help pay for this battle. Court & attorney costs do not come cheap.

So again, please, think of Mrs. R and her family, pray for them.

I know that these prayers are heard, and that they feel them.

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lauren said...

she is such a courageous and amazing woman... sending prayers her way for sure.

TIM&SHAN said...

I will pray for her like mad!!! I will also out her name in the Temple here;) Hang in there Mrs. R!!

Jamie said...

I'll certainly pray for her and for you too. Love ya.

Kristin said...

I love her blog too and I've been reading for awhile. I've been following her story and praying for them. The necklace she made for you is beautiful. What a personal and thoughtful gift.

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