Wednesday, October 21, 2009

...the belle boutique featuring my favorite jewelry maker...

You know how I feel about these necklaces.  Especially this little beauty that was so tenderly made for me by mrs. r and her crew.  I wear one every day and I always feel a sense of strength from these pieces.  They hold deep meaning for me.
So you cannot imagine my excitement when I heard that mrs. r is going to be at the Belle Boutique this coming Friday & Saturday.  Not only does she have a booth featuring her wonderful and inspirational necklaces (they'll have over 50 there!), but a new line of cute kids adoption clothing, handmade glass pendants, and 'i run for adoption' t-shirts which aren't available online yet!

Oh, yes, there is more.  They are offering half-off customization on any design!  (I already have 2 in mind that I can't WAIT to sit down with these ladies and create.  It's perfect!) 

So, if you've been thinking about how much you want one of these beatuies, custom or not, now is the time.

I am heading up first thing Saturday morning.  (One of my besties is getting married so I am on a time crunch.  Yaya for weddings, boo for time crunch)  If anyone wants to join me from 10-11am you are more than welcome!  Shoot me an email and we can head up!

Here are all the details...

The boutique will be held here.  
(address on the above image.  directions found here.)

Admission is FREE.
There is a raffle every hour with gifts from each vendor (40 vendors will be there!)
Including one of the rhouse necklaces.  You can shoot mrs. r an email if you plan on going
and she will send you a coupon that's good for 5 extra raffle tickets.  Perfect!

I can't contain my excitement.

Join me!

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Shannon said...

How about being there in spirit? Does that count? Because I think it tototally counts...
I LOVE the new header. It's super classy-chic. it.

Ashley Cooper said...

Boo! I want to go with you, but I have stupid Primary Program practice from 10:00-11:30. Boo Primary Practice!

I'm loving the new header though!

Richard and Emily said...

ahhhhh I'm debating!!! I really really want to...but I would probably spend all the money I don't have while there! :) Are you coming back here for the wedding? Could we drive together if I do decide to go?

Yesterday was great. I agree, we'll have to hang out again real soon.

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