Monday, October 19, 2009

...bow to your sensei...

Jenny, aka Sensei, gave me a little present this evening.






This is a personal favorite.  The word, 'courage' has very deep meaning for me.  If you love the necklace, check out mrs. r's etsy shop here.  Buy some pretty for yourself.


She is quite talented, no?

Do you wanna look this hot?  Sensei has a website (that features more of my awesome face frozen in time) with all the info on how to book her for a session of your own.  Anyone who needs pictures, well, here is your answer.

I also have to add that this photo shoot was a blessing in so many ways.  Jenny is one of those individuals that I wish I would have met sooner.  (Thank you Ash for making that comment so long ago about how I must use the Sensei as my photographer, it panned out quite well)  The photographer has turned into a cherished friend.  She's lovely (as Lauren said), creative, likes sushi, and is oh so obviously talented.  It always makes me feel so honored when someone shares their gifts with me.  Jenny's ability to take pictuers and capture moments is a gift

Have I mentioned she'll totally share with YOU too?

She's a rockstar like that.
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Ashley Cooper said...

Ahhh, the teaser is killin' me! I wanna see the rest! Love them by the way.

Trent and Janel Lyman said...

I love 'em!!

Roger and Tasha said...

Wow those are really pretty. Where did you get those taken at?

Michelle said...

You guys look great! I love love love the giraffe-print dress!

lauren said...

i likey. but i want to see more of you in that dress. it looks fab.

Shannon said...

Love them, love them. I do.

Kelly said...

BTW you two are the cutest couple ever! when you finally do have babies they will be fabulously and ridiculously good looking! ;)


Erin said...


And when i do get pictures, you will please come pick our outfits?

blakeandcourt said...

What a great photographer! Those pictures turned out great & I love your shoes BTW, super cute.

TIM&SHAN said...

These are great Kenna;) As a fellow photographer I fully support your comments about how talented this lovely women is;) I love seeing great photography that bleeses others lives. That is the best part of taking pictures;)
You are beautiful!!!
BTW love your new blog header;) and the pic of you;)

Richard and Emily said...

I love your new blog design! It is beautiful! And these pictures are gorgeous!! :)

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