Thursday, October 8, 2009

...psh, we all know how i feel about labels...

I happen to be friends with some amazing people. Among them is Ammon & Erin. Now, I don't just like them because they make beautiful babies (india & maya), but because they are truly the best kind of friends you could ask for.

Ammon is an incredible writer, as is Erin. In fact, they both teach English, go figure. Ammon wrote a post that I think everyone could take something from.  (no, i'm not assuming he wrote it for my specific situation, because it can be used for a plethora of situations, but it hit really, really close to home for me)

So, go read it, mmk?  (and if you have something to say, comment, everyone digs a good comment)

 Find it here.

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Kristin said...

You're right. It was beautifully written. Maybe Ammon can write the forward to your book.

Trent and Janel Lyman said...

Read that last night and thought of you! Ammon is an amazing writer, totally agree!!

TIM&SHAN said...

WOW... I really needed that today. I swear he was inside my head. words can never describe how badly I needed to read that. Thanks Kenna for the link;)

Kelly said...

I still need to send you my story...i know I am a procrastinator :)

I left you a present on my blog though.

I commented right after my sister:)


Jamie said...

Glad to see you are putting the word "psh" to good use. :)

hunter joi said...

i luv ur blog! u r an amazing writer! im a writer too. you show check out my nlog. i made it like two days ago tho, so theres not much on it.
<3 hunter j

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