Wednesday, December 2, 2009

...the countdown begins...

i just booked a condo 30 seconds from the beach in Oceanside.

for a week.  a WHOLE week.

7 months and counting.

i.  can't.  wait.

look at how happy studly is.

this is what the beach does to you.

did i say i can't wait?

cause i can't!

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Richard and Emily said...

YAY!!! I love the beach! I am SOOO excited for you!! You deserve a nice week long vacation in sunny California sitting on the beach, enjoying every minute. Yay you!

Charlie and Erica said...

So jealous. We are going to February to take our dog back but the beach just isn't the same in the winter. Still lovely, just not the same.

Trent and Janel Lyman said... are the best! May it be nice and sunny warm, and may the months pass quickly!!

Anonymous said...

Can I come???

Jessica GaleForceOne said...

lol..I love this picture! I can almost feel the sand in between my toes! The coolness, the smell of the water, the breeze, ahhh I love it. /jealous

Dad said...

So what week do I need to reserve my vacation time? You do know that you need to have a chaperone at the's regulations.

Kenna said...

June 20-27.

Mark it on your calendar.

Ha ha, mark is on your calendar, Mark.


Jamie said...

Oh gosh Kenna, take me with you!!!!!

Kara said...

Hey Kenna,
I don't know you - and I found your blog through my cousin's cousin's blog (lauren). For some reason I feel the need to keep up with your're a great writer and sometimes when I've got just regular old problems happening, I get something from your words...Keep on keepin on - you'll find your grove along the way!

But the reason for the comment - If you're looking for a fun adventure/break from the beach - there's an amazing flying trapeze school in escondido, just about 20 minutes from Oceanside...The first time I did it - I couldn't believe it, but I'd flown through the air...give it some thought. There's a couple videos on my blog, and it's called Trapeze High.

Just a thought somehow trapeze seems to lighten the load for a while. :) I'd even go with you if want.

My best,

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