Tuesday, January 19, 2010

...bliss list...

you all know my main photog, jenny, aka sensei.  i love her.  you all know of her inspirational, full of eye candy blog.  i love her blog.  for the new year she's got a new look and some new resolutions.  one of which, i think, is perfect.  jenny has coined the phrase, 'bliss list'.  her blog is full of things that make her happy.  her own bliss lists.  you know, even in my dark days these past weeks reading her blog and her bliss has made me feel lighter. so much that i started writing down one thing a day that made me happy.  that i was grateful for.  (she also has me addicted to taking pictures, but we'll talk about that some other time.)  jenny is reaching out to all her readers and asking them for their own bliss list.  oh, it's just great.  there is nothing that'll make you feel more free and centered and grateful than creating such a list.

i know you all have been over to her blog.  so, go take a look at her bliss list and her challenge to YOU.  answer the call, readers!  send jenny your bliss list!  let's all share what makes us happy, what really lights us up.  this is the way it's supposed to be, lovelies.

now go, go send jenny your bliss list.  i even believe she is planning on posting them on her blog.  no better blog to be featured on, trust me.   

viva la bliss list!

i just sent her mine, and i feel better already.

go here to send her yours. 

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