Friday, January 22, 2010 forever mom...

this is my mom...

stunning, right?  i know.

i'm sure many of you read my guest blogger post over at therhouse.  (find that post here)  it depicts the story of me, my momma, and my adoption.

sigh, adoption. 

it changes the world, people!

this woman is why i am here.  alive.  breathing.  talking to you.  if she wouldn't have taken a chance on me, i'd be a lost cause.  lost, readers, and i'm am completely serious.  it actually blows my mind thinking about the path my life could have taken versus the path it did.  proof, my friends, that our lives are lead by something more.  the hand of the Lord is very clear for me to see as i look back on my (and my mom's) experiences.  it's simply amazing.

i'm coming up on my 25th birthday, and as you know, i don't have children.  this is completely normal, in fact, i am deemed by much of the country still too young to even be married, let alone have off spring.  i'm okay with it.  j and i have a great life and we know that there are reasons (that we don't understand yet, but we trust in) why our life is the way it is.  ladies and gentlemen, i'm 25 and at times the thought of becoming a mother scares the hell. out. of. me.  it takes a special person, with key traits to take on what my mom did.  the Lord prepared her for me.  for me


i am in the family that was prepared for me long before i made my debut on this earth.  my dad, my mom, my siblings, all for me.  lovingly prepared for me, to give me the best chance possible to become the person i am today. 

there is no pain that wasn't worth it.

no struggle that didn't turn into something glorious.

this lady is proof that love runs so much deeper than genetics.

so.  much.  deeper.

i'm going to be a better adoptive mother because of her.

she is my mom.


for ever, and ever and always.

all these guys are mine forever too...

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Julia and Ben said...

Is it interesting that everything in life is "how it's supposed to be"? No matter what the circumstance is.

Jessica GaleForceOne said...

And she is sooo DANG CUTE too!

TIM&SHAN said...

of course I am crying again. Great post Kenna! It makes me think of my sweet mother and how greatful I am for her!
Happy Birthday whenever it is!! 25 is great cuz you finally get a discount on rental cars and on regular car insurance. OH and you can take minors to Dave and Busters.
Ok I am a nerd thats not the only reason why, but seriously 25 is great!!!! This the year of the KENNA!!!

Katie said...

I went and read your whole post at "the R house" and was amazed! You are such an amazing woman, and a incredibly talented writer.

And, I have to say, I think you and your mom look SO MUCH alike! Funny how that works!

Jen Nelson said...

Fabulous! You do have an amazing mom! Loved your post on the R house. LOVED!

stephanie said...

Thank You! As an adoptive mom a post like this is great to hear

Jamie said...

Your mom is HAWT! And with the way you turned out, she must be pretty dang awesome too! :) I enjoyed your testimony. You said that through your experience you have living proof that our lives are lead by something more. I believe that too. I admire you a lot, Kenna. You will be the coolest adoptive mother in the whole world. (except of course, your own mama.) :) Loves.

Anonymous said...

Kenna thank you for your blog. It inspires me. You have a way with words. Do you remember that general conference where they encouraged people to use blogs as a missionary tool? Well you are one of the best missionaries I know and I've never even met you. Words can't express. Thanks so much Kenna. God bless you.

Kayla said...

Your mom is beautiful! I loved your guest blog. I cried.

Kristin said...

I'm just now getting caught up on blogs. I hadn't read your guest post at the r house blog until now. I had no idea you were adopted. What an interesting twist of fate.

I know everyone's experiences are different and all I have are mine. You know that it took me 40 years to get Baylie and now I have Jalen and I'm almost 42. I hope you don't have to wait that long.

One thing I do know is I love them so strongly, stronger than anything else I have ever known. (I cry as I write this). I know there will be days when they won't believe that. They'll wonder why they were adopted. I won't have all the answers, but I hope they'll believe in the love I have for them.

I'm so glad you and your mom have a close relationship now. It doesn't take blood to be bonded as mother and daughter. I can't wait for you to become a mommy too. Don't lose hope.

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