Wednesday, February 17, 2010 of my birth...

i need out.

therefore, i'm taking off to the land of my birth.  st. george.

sigh, i love these red rocks.

 and i can't wait roam around the grounds of the St. George Temple.  it's my favorite.

gonna take my d90 with me.

gonna go look at spectacular houses.

gonna swim in the pool.

gonna sit in the hot tub.

gonna sleep in.

gonna eat good food.

gonna hang with my homey, janel.

gonna recharge.  

trust me, it's needed.

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Trent and Janel Lyman said...

Yeeessss!!! 12hrs and counting!

Kellie Knapp said...

can you say FREAKING JEALOUS... I would give my left foot to party with you hoes down in st george....oh... I'm in pain over how jealous I am....

Kenna said...

oh kellie, i miss you calling me a hoe.


Trent and Janel Lyman said...

I so need it too. But Janel sure deserves it. I may go ski instead on Saturday.

Ashley said...

You totally deserve it, so have a fabulous weekend!

lauren said...

um... what i am going to do without you? i'm serious.

have fun. :)

Jen Nelson said...

I have been threatening to run away to St. George for months now. Basically ever since the temp dropped below 50... hmmm.

Enjoy and soak up some sun for me too?

Traci said...

I'm tired of demo. I will be down in 4 hours to party with the hoes. (although this spelling looks like a garden tool. I could write hos, but that looks wierd. Please do some research whilst sitting by the pool and find the correct spelling)

Josh and Kandice said...

Have a fun, relaxing weekend! I love St. George! And those red rocks? Gorgeous!! Can't wait to see pics from the D90!:)

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