Monday, March 22, 2010

...monday maladies...

i'm going to make this short and sweet.

it drive me up a tree when individuals don't 
know how to use words in their proper context.  

especially words that may sound the same, but have completely different spelling and meaning.

a couple examples the offenders have used recently...

'one' vs. 'won'

'no' vs. 'know'

um, didn't we learn this in like, the 3rd grade?
just sayin'.

what are you hatin' on today?

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Alli said...

I no how much that can be annoying. Maybe won day people will talk and write good.

I'm hatin' on going to the dentist three times in less than 3 weeks. Boo. And expensive.

TIM&SHAN said...

Hahaha Alli, that was funny;)
and I agree, its so annoying!!

The thing that is buggin me today is when people get sooo dramatic just because they dont agree with something.
ie... health care bill that just got passsed.
Seriously people, I dont agree with how they are doing everything either, BUT it passed. GET over it. Just because they passed the bill does not automatically make us a socialist society.
France, Canada, and other countries have universal health care and they are not considered socialist.
I get that some people will work the system an try to get free money from the goverment, BUT there are hard working members of society that work 2 jobs and go to school and cant afford health insurance. If those people get to have coverage at the same time the lazy people get it, then its worth it!!!!!
WOW that was way to long.... sorry... just fired up about it.

Kirsten said...

You must be talking about homonyms. That is part of the second grade core curriculum. I should KNOW, I just gave a lesson on it.

Kenna Jan said...

I HATE the word Besties... drives me up the wall. If I have to see the word besties in another status update I might go insane.

Also I hate people who get in the carpool lane and go slower than traffic!!! Get in the slow lane people! The carpool lane was meant to get you there faster since you are being responsible and not driving alone.

I put two since I didn't post last week. :-)

Jessica GaleForce said...

I hate that I am having SUCH a hard time finding a new job! I happen to not like working with 19year olds that cause I hate the drama they bring!

Shannon said...

For the last time, people: Obama is not the Anti-Christ...and he DOES believe in God.

Sheesh. Get your facts straight.
(I hate this misconception. Naivety and fear is the WORST combination.)

Kenna said...

Shannon, I have to comment and say I completely agree with you.

I can't believe the comments I have been reading (facebook, primarily). Did you know I was called Satan AND the Anti-Christ when I said that even though Obama wasn't my first choice, I would support him because he holds the office of President, and that in and of itself demands respect?

In fact, one comment this morning made me roll my eyes so hard I STILL have a headache. You said it perfectly, naivety and fear are the worst combination.

Ashley said...

I hate obnoxious parents. I work with a lot of really great ones, but the few exceptions drive me insane.

Jamie said...

My aunt always uses "to" when she means "too" which is so annoying to me. I'd also like to point out that it drives me bonkers when she uses all caps to write me. I hate all caps. All caps should be used in times of emergency like, "GET THE EFF OUT OF THE BUILDING, THERE'S A FIRE!!!" Caps should not be used just to say "HI HOW ARE YOU?" Am I right? Psh.

TMom said...

So.... I am not griping about the hot button issue of the day, I live a much simpler existence. I HATE IT when I put on mascara and then immediately sneeze. I put on coat number one and sneezed. Then I cleaned that up, applied again and then sneezed again. UGH!

Krista said...

Such great comments! My least favorite misspelling is substituting loose for lose. I don't even get it. For about 5 minutes last week, I almost was convinced that I'd been misspelling it all my life because I have so many friends, bright, accomplished people, who are misspelling it. They're not even homonyms - well, maybe they are in Utah (aahaha... sad). Seriously, if I see one more say, "I love The Biggest Loser! It's motivated me to loose weight!" I'll scream.

And, great comments above. I couldn't agree more on the lethal combination of fear and naivety. Here's my favorite new YouTube video that demonstrates this perfectly through interviewing protesters in DC:

I'm not at all, in the least, saying that people shouldn't protest things they don't agree with. I'm concerned, just as mentioned above, when people develop conspiracy theories/outlandish claims because they do not study the issues (sorry, in my opinion hanging around is studying the issue, not listening to Glenn Beck) and know for themselves.

Sorry so long! I love your posts, Kenna!

Kristin said...

Kids are not taught to write anymore. I think it's actually scary. Even in the workplace, I'm shocked at how poor the grammer is in e-mails from top executives.

My mom always corrected my grammar. I hated it, but now I'm grateful. (I'm totally paranoid as I type this for fear there will be a type-o.)

As for what I hate, I dislike selfish people and I hate waiting.

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