Monday, March 29, 2010

...monday maladies...

i find (or hear, rather) this monday malady happen more and more each time i turn on my radio.

musical 'artists' who include their name in EVERY. SINGLE. SONG.

jason derulo, i'm talking to YOU.

and soooo many others.

are you really that insecure?  i mean, i get it.  it's a genius idea.  but seriously, it only makes me hate you more.

are you hatin' on anything this morning?

do explain.

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The Wendler Family said...

Stepping in water while wearing socks. So unexpected and then my socks and feet are wet and my feet get cold. HATE IT!

Cali said...

Dealing with car crashes that happened over the weekend.

TIM&SHAN said...

skinny girls who can eat whatever they want.
I just look at a piece of chocolate and gain 10 lbs!!!

Lucky beee-otches

Ashley said...

Insomnia. It just makes me so angry. And tired. Grrrr.

Wahines in Bikinis said...

Getting sick because I'm SOOOO hungry then getting more sick because I picked something disgusting to eat!

Oh AND getting caught commenting on Kenna's blog at wor

The Following is NOT a Monday Malady.

*Congrats on passing! You sure fooled them <>

Erin said...

clutter in the form of piles of paper.

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