Monday, March 8, 2010

...happy fracking burfday, baby...

 it's that time again.

you all know that i love burfday's.

seriously.  any day that is an excuse to eat copious amounts of cake has kenna's stamp of approval.

so, again, for tradition's sake and because i truly do like listing reasons why i love my better half, here are 26 ooey gooey reasons i love my man, studly.  

1.  you still haven't left me.
2.  your love of the gospel.  hearing it vocalized today shifted my soul.
3.  the fact that you know all the words to the songs the Glee Cast preforms.
4.  oh, and you sing them at the top of your lungs with me in the car.  (we are still working on car dancing)
5.  you are so patient with me.  always.
6.  you let me go on an annual girl's trip.  trust me, our marriage is better for it.
7.  um, you. are. so. funny.  remember how we just sit around all day and laugh?  that's awesome.
8.  you don't let me get away with any shee, and you shouldn't.  you go boy howdy.
9.  mutual love for the penguins of madagascar.  
10.  you agreed to let me buy the nikon, which i love lots.  thank you for letting me learn new things, even if the tools required are pricey.
11. you bake a mean cake, and you know how much i love me some cake.
12. there has never been a moment where you have made me feel like it's 'my infertility.'  it's our infertility. 
13. you are content to sit here on our comfy couches watching dog the bounty hunter.  bliss.
14. your hugs.  best. hugs. ever.
15. even though it drives me crazy, it's slightly adorable when you try to get me to tango with you in the kitchen.  
16. you look good in spandex.
17. and batman underwear.  ooo, kinky.
18. you melt my heart when you interact with the kiddos.  when we get a little, babe, you are gonna be the best. dad. ever.
19. you believe in me.  i have the courage to get out of bed and face each day because i know you are here, even if i fail.  
20. you try to talk like a ghetto fabulous hardcore man's man, and it's funny.  and might get you shot one day.
21. you have never, ever yelled at me.  ever.  even when i know you've wanted to.
22. can someone say college graduation?!  
23. you love the beach, and boogie boarding, and surfing, and you let me book a condo for a killer trip.  
24. i know i have a serious itunes addiction, but you roll with it.
25. you've got mad guitar hero drummin' skills.
26.  love you 'cause you love me back.

some pictures of the j man and his cycling swagger.

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Jamie said...

This was so cute it seriously got me all choked up and stuff. You guys seem like such a cool couple, and I admire how strong you are for each other. Loved the list! Especially ridiculous things like watching Dog the Bounty Hunter. I mean, for real? Psh, you guys are hella funny. And those spandex pictures? Wow, loved the butt pose. Cracked me up, no pun intended. :)

Nicole said...

Cute, cute, cute. I loved it.

Harmony said...

You guys sound like one cute loving couple! I am SO glad that you have such a good man by your side through the rough times you have been handed. I LOVED the list!!

Val'n'Ben said...

We love you J. We're glad you haven't left Kenna yet and never will because Kenna we love you too! Happy ass birthday! He he he.

Jessica GaleForce said...

I love when I hear others talk about how good their spouse is to them. It seems that less and less this is the case these days.

Although on the flip side...(/thinking) Okay maybe this isn't the flip side....I have a friend who (I know she loves her husband really truly) is always saying how much she loves him all the time on facebook. Like she has to prove to others that she loves she husband...IT DRIVES ME BONKERS! I know this doesn't have anything to do with your post lol it was just a thought that started going through my head.

I am so glad you have found the ying to your yang? the perfect hand to your glove? could I even go so far to say that he is the icing and you are the cake?...ROFL

Happy Slappy Birthday Josh! Hope this next year brings you much joy and happiness! Thanks for being so good to Kenna!

Leslie said...

You did NOT just post that butt picture.

I laughed so hard I choked.

You should have added a #27 for Josh letting you put those on the blog.


I love love the list. We think Josh is awesome.

You're not bad yourself.

Erin said...

Happy birthday Josh! And as my present to you I scrolled down quite fast through the pictures.

Anonymous said...

Love ya both to death, but didn't need to know about the Batman panties. I guess my Spiderman one's I got for Josh I'll have to return.
Happy Birfday Josh-ee! (even though we're still enemies)

Alli said...

I think #17 sounds fun...

TIM&SHAN said...

Happy Birfday to your HUnny!!!
This is a great post. Every good girl like you deserves a guys like him.
I think our husbands would get along fabulously!!!

Just Wondering... said...

If I didn't know better, (and I'm not claiming I do...) I'd say that maybe Joshua Wade has a few questionable tendencies. (See preview for Cougar Town-no it's not about Provo) Glee Soundtrack? The bootie wiggle in tight bike shorts? Looks suspicious.....
Oh, and I got Incredible Hulk undies for him.

The VerNooy's said...


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