Friday, April 2, 2010

...friday festivity...

today, i'm lovin'...


hands down.

how can we not love a woman who gave us such amazing hits?

-love is a battlefield
-hit me with your best shot (every girl has sung this with a certain boy, don't deny it)
-we belong

my mom does a mean impression of pat benatar whilst playing guitar hero.

what are you lovin' on today?

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TIM&SHAN said...

I am lovin on the Beach today;) The first time in months I have left my cave and sat in the healing rays of the sun!!!
I love the beach, sun, sand, and ocean. LOVE.

Oh and I would also love it if you would post a video of your Mom's killer impression of Pat Benatar;)

Ashley said...

Ooh, I like your choice muy mucho!
Today, I am loving that we get a whole week off for Spring Break! WAHOO!

Alli said...

What's not to love about Pat? She's "a real tough cookie with a long history", but not too manly. And I bet your mom can rock it. I agree, we need a video.

So...I love that I had the day off and I feel like it's Saturday. The good news is that the real Saturday is tomorrow!

The Wendler Family said...

I'm lovin! So nice.

Rock Star said...

That was supposed to be a secret. Although, I do love my Pat. One needs leather and legwarmers to pay her due justice.

Jamie said...

Dang, I love Pat Benatar too! And pretty much all 80's music rocks my socks.

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