Wednesday, June 9, 2010

...just a small reminder to myself...

...breathe in.  breathe out...

"It don't matter to the sun
If you go or if you stay
No, the sun is gonna rise, gonna rise
Shine down on a another day
There will be tomorrow
Even if you choose to leave
'Cause it don't matter to the sun no, no
It matters to me"
 -sung by Rosie Thomas

ps. i love you R.  you are doing great.  i know it doesn't feel like it, but i promise.

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Kristin said...

Great reminder. I love to remember that only I can decide how I'm going to feel or what I'm going to do.

Kristin Call said...

Be honest. Did you go take this after you dropped me off yesterday? If so, I am kicking myself in the shins for not coming with you!

Tina said...

Kenna...just wanted to thank you for the sweet words you left on my blog! It really meant so much me! I pray for you and your sweet husband often!

The Wendler Family said...

So true. I think we can all use that reminder some times. You are doing well. Hang in there sweetie! Love you!

Jamie said...

I SO want to post this to my blog now. Much love to you, Kenna my dear.

Jen Nelson said...

Lovely. :)

Dearest sweet R. You are in my thoughts and prayers as much as Kenna is.

Love to you both.

*SO* so good to see you. Glad you are still breathing.

Abby said...

Hi Kenna, you don't know me, but I have been checking your blog on and off for a while now, ever since Lauren Soderberg mentioned you on her blog. Anyway, I just wanted to tell you that from what you put on your blog, I find you to be an incredible person. I admire your ability to keep going, and to put meaningful things on your blog. You are in my thoughts and prayers!
P.S. I hope you don't mind a total stranger reading your blog...and commenting, too!

Beach Babe said...

8 days! Hot damn.

mrs. r said...

thinking of you.

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