Tuesday, July 20, 2010

...because i know how you love a trainwreck...

i've been sitting here trying to think of a comical, witty way to write this post and nothing is coming.


i am happy to report, however, that you all will soon be on the receiving end of some post surgery blogging from yours truly!  that's right, i'm going under the knife on monday (yeah, in like 6 days) for surgery to hopefully relieve the insane pain i've been experiencing over the past year + due to some killer endometriosis.  (yeah for medicated blogging!)  i can totally handle three holes in my belly.  at least it's not three holes in my head, am i right?!  can i get an, 'amen!?'


although i don't think my posts will be as awesome as when i was in the icu medicated with who knows what after brain surgery.  good times.

oh, and how do you think my doc/surgeon makes me feel at ease in his little room of gynological horrors?  

yeah, that's how.

i should feel confident, right?

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Kristin Call said...

omg the dolls. LOL! That's amazing. And medicated blogging deserves an amen from me! AMEN.

that's all.

p.s. dinner's headed your way. [or really, Josh's way] but let me know the date!

TIM&SHAN said...

Praying for you as always Kenna that it all goes well;)
and those stirrups... wow.....a little creepy.
Oh and I also have to give an AMEN to medicated blogging...well medicated anything really. Its always more interesting that way;)

Teresa said...

Can you make those move with your feet, or are they there just to keep your toesies warm? Good luck with the surgery. I hope the three holes are worth it, and it fixes the pain. Love you tons.

The Dahle's said...

hahaa everyone loves a trainwreck! love the title! perfect! it's exactly what we talked about!
i am serious about me bringing you something to eat once you can ya know eat something haha. i need your number. can i have it please?
tonight was just what I needed and I am so happy to have made such an amazing friend like you!

Josh and Kandice said...

Good luck with your surgery! And those stirrup warmers are CREE.PY!:)

Jessica nan said...

AMEN! p.s. totally love the hot pads.. I really want them :)

you can do this ! I love you !

jessica nan

Jessica GaleForce said...

Oh NO those aren't the stirrups...

I would not want to put my feet on those creepy things...and to think that they may start talking to you whilst you are drugged...not a good thing imo..Lol

AJ said...

Ugh, ugh, ugh! I think I had phantom pain from my non-existent reproductive system!! I hope everything goes well. Thank heavens for 3 little holes instead of one BIG one.

You rock. Just remember that.

Clint and Karley Root said...

hold it, are those dolls REALLY in his office? hahahahah! an then on a more serious and sympathetic note, i'm sorry about the surgery but i'm not gonna lie, i like a good surgery. be sure to text me when you are on the pain pills k? i need some humor in my life!

Steve and Hailey said...

Oh gag! I thought at first they were little Amish dolls...what in the world? I don't think that would make me feel even a tiny bit better. Surgery...oh my...I wish I was still across the street. I miss you and josh and the whole darn ward. Our new ward is HUGE and fun, but I just don't know a soul yet and it all requires so much work! :) Love you!

Jen Nelson said...

Good luck tomorrow! (hmm, technically today i supposed but I doubt you are asleep either :)

Let me know if you need anything!

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