Wednesday, August 4, 2010

...unfortunately i'm not medicated like i promised...

seriously, folks.  this surgery knocked me flat on my back for a week.  i didn't want to do a single thing but sleep and watch movies with my mom.  (word to the wise: do NOT watch hilarious movies ie, grumpy old men, when you have stitches galore in your abdomen.) 

the good news is the surgery went well.  they found what they were looking for and fixed it.  i'm relieved because this is huge and i will no longer be writhing in pain. 


since i did promise medicated blogging i'll swig some nyquil one of these nights and blog.  

yeah, because i love you all that much.

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Mandy said...

aw. glad to hear you're slowly getting better and that all the effort will eventually pay off with less pain. love you so much and am hoping for a speedy recovery, dear!

MAYBERRY said...

Hey girl, hope you don't mind your mom told me where to find your blog. You write so well. The first night I got on I spent two hours just reading all your old posts. You really should write a book. Not sure if your mom told you but my good friend and running partner is Lacey Torgerson (Rasmussen). Such a small world.

Hope you are feeling better. Hang in there girl. We all have some kind of trial we are facing. How we handle it is what matters in the end.

Jessica GaleForce said...

/smug smile
Do you really love us that much?

Steve and Hailey said...

Oh my! I hope you are starting to feel better. I am missing you! Get better.

Jamie said...

I am so glad that the ongoing pain you've been having will now be gone. Too bad you had to have a painful surgery to get rid of that endo pain. Psh. Are your socks on upside down?

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