Friday, September 17, 2010

...finding inspiration...

after all that's happened, i fear my life feels slightly empty and very uninspired.

in january, i purchased a nikon d90.  (thanks to the recommendation from my favorite photographer, jenny).  i admit i haven't taken to it the way i had hoped.  if you take a look at jenny's photography blog, she's always pushing her own limits.  constantly improving on her already beautiful ability to take inspiring pictures.

i know there are a lot of, 'project 365' blogs out there, but i'm going to try it myself. 

i'm hoping to find some light, some peace, some solace.  

follow along if you'd like.  although please keep in mind i'm not promising anything.

  you can find it here.

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Josh and Kandice said...

That inspires me, my dear! We still need to get together sometime and take pictures.

Jen Nelson said...

Fabulous idea!! That's what I'm asking Santa for Christmas!

mrs. r said...

love this idea!! going to check it out right now!


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