Tuesday, October 5, 2010


yeah, they shot this into me.

(my left butt cheek to be exact)

more on my experiences with lupron later.

i received my second shot today so i'm a bit of a mess.

in fact, i'm miserable.  

special thanks to my pal kim and my new pal casey.  i don't want to do this alone.
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Jeanne said...


I start lupron shots soon in preparation for doing an IVF cycle. Calling in liquid hell makes me nervous.

I don't know what your shot was for but I think you said it correctly when you stated, "eep!"

I think I'm right there with you!

Alli said...

it's a pain in the ass. and I love the label. an you.

Jen Nelson said...

Yikes!!! I've heard nothing but horrible bad things about those shots! I'm SO sorry sweetie!!

Anonymous said...

I'm so sorry to hear that McKenna! If you have to take any other shots, then take my advice and point your feet pigeon toed and bend over! It keeps you from tensing that muscle which makes those shots so much worse! That's one good trick I learned in nursing school! lol!

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