Thursday, October 21, 2010 ears are full of the following...

music is all i've got on the brain and in the ears right now.  

would you like to take a peek at my play list?

1. gemma hayes - november
2. sara bareilles - breathe again
3. noah and the whale - blue skies
4. paramore - the only exception
5. sarah mclachlan - rivers of love
6. the boxer rebellion - semi automatic
7. cary brothers - belong
8. amy kuney - hope a little harder
9. trent dabbs - this time tomorrow
10. pearl jam - just breath
11. joy williams - tightrope
12. the parlotones - i'll be there
13. satellite - ring the bells
14. brendan james - your beating heart
15. alexander cardinale - sick of dreaming
16. joshua radin - the rock and the tide
17. setting fires - the search
18. there's a light - jay malinowski
19. happy - the daylights

just a little ear bliss i guess.

i know this is lame, but seriously, i got nothing today.

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Melissa E Photography said...

I have a crush on your playlist.

Tiffany Joy Plumcake said...

Thanks. I love your music lists.

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