Tuesday, January 18, 2011

...harley...installment three...

i sat in the car staring forward.

'you have to get out of the car ya know,' studly said.

we walked into the agency with our arms full of gifts.  our wonderful case worker, K, met us as we arrived. 

'ready for this?' she had a big grin on.  'harley is just, adorable.'

i'm pretty sure at this point i wasn't breathing (i am also pretty sure this is where all the brain damage comes from) and as case worker K tried to walk us back to the room, i kept stopping dead in my tracks.  seriously, if i hadn't taken so much time getting ready, i would have puked on myself.

oh, speaking of getting ready, let me tell you a side story.  we woke up and were getting ready for this face to face (adoption lingo, legit right?) and come to find out our water has been turned off.  yes, they were fixing a pipe and we had zero. water.  thank you janel, my bestie for life, for letting us sneak into your house and shower.  we had minutes to spare!  go figure, right?

we walked into the room.  i think i sucked in air so hard that every one heard.  this was to keep from bawling, because that was the instant reaction i had when i saw sadie and harley.  we greeted sadie with hugs, and a hand shake for glenn.  harley gave us a big grin and went back to playing with some rubber balls on the floor.

glenn was personable, and took over the conversation from the start.  we had been talking to sadie for a month, and hadn't ever talked to glenn, so i suppose that meant it went well.  sadie edged in some tidbits about what brought her to think of adoption, what she wanted for harley.  glenn did too, saying the little guy needed two parents.  (our jaws dropped.  really?  a birth father was saying this?)  as the conversation continued, harley eventually came to check us out.  when i picked him up i felt something hit my chest again.  we gave him a present, a soft blanket, and he sat on my lap eating goldfish as we talked.  (still holding my breath a bit, surprised i haven't ever passed out from this?)  i handed harley over to josh, whom he immediately took to.  it was unbelievable to watch.  it felt as if they were bonded from an earlier time.  they knew each other, it had just been a while.  

the meeting came to a close, and case worker K promised it went well.  they would be talking to sadie and glenn about their true intentions, glenn's relinquishment, details, etc.  we wouldn't know until that evening if anything would even move forward.

needless to say?  looooooong day. 

that night i received an email from case worker K.  they loved us.  we were, 'their kind of people.'

glenn would be signing relinquishment at noon the next day.

cue the puking.

that meant, if glenn were to truly sign as he said, we would be planning a trip to texas for placement with sadie, and we would indeed, be blessed with a son.

more puking.

we didn't sleep.  correction, i didn't sleep.

noon came and went.


1 pm.  nothing.

2 pm.  nothing.

3 pm.  still. nothing.

around five o'clock that night we get a text from case worker K...

'buy your plane tickets!'

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Harmony said...

Oh man I love this! SO happy for you-

stephanie said...

this one took me back to the day I waited form Addie's birth parents to sign. It was the longest day ever!

Krista said...

I love how you're telling this story. I feel like I'm reading the final chapters of a fairy tale. One that, of course, had a lot of dragons and dark forests and evil stepmothers, some of which was only temporarily put at bay, but a fairy tale nonetheless because you have your own special version of "happily ever after." So, so happy for you.

Niki Burt Michael said...

more more more lol- i love how i feel i was there with you in your way of writing. some day harley will love reading this and know how much you wanted him!!

Jessica GaleForce said...



You need to do more stories like this, the suspense is intense!!

Anonymous said...

Great story.. Thanks for sharing.

The Lynd Family said...

As I read this I want to cry and giggle all at the same time! I'm so happy for you!

Ashley said...

and commence the screaming when that text message came through. love it!!!

The Wendler Family said...

Cue the peeing in my pants!! (not really but almost!) HOW EXCITING!!! Reading this with the anticipation, feels for me, like knowing I'm in LABOR! "A BABY IS COMING!!!" kind of feeling! Hooray!!!!!

Tamara ViAnn said...

keep em coming!

kate said...

I'm seriously bawling! That is the most amazing story. I hope their will be more installments! These posts are the highlight of my day. I am just soooo happy for you!

Anonymous said...

Just can't get enough :)

Lynne said...

I am CRYING reading this.

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