Tuesday, January 25, 2011

...let's get your word out...

we hear it all the time, 'adoption is all about word of mouth.'

this is very true.  our second adoption attempt came from word of mouth.  it can happen.

now that we've got our little studly, i want nothing more than to help others who are on their quest for their own little.  

if you are hoping to adopt, email me.  let's get you spotlighted.  let's get your button on my blog.  i know my blog isn't anything compared to others out there, but it does get some traffic.  it's a humble blog, but once one person knows, and tells another and another...it's like the twilight bark!

let me help you!

send me a picture, a little tid bit paragraph or two, your button, your profile link, your adoption blog link, anything you'd like me to put up with your spotlight.  if you want, you can even send me pass along cards.  i give them out every chance i get.


let's get you a little.

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Leisha & Brian said...

Yes & yes. You are the best lady. I would love it! I will send you something.

Cali said...

DeAnna and her hubby are looking to adopt. They've got a link on their blog I think. On facebook yes.

BMW minus B... said...

Ah, the twilight bark! 101 Dalmatians.Good times. If I was hoping to adopt, I would for sure let you spotlight me. You are such a kind, thoughtful person to help others who are looking for their littles. And your right, it really is like the twilight bark!

Rachel said...

Yay! I will send you something. Speaking of sending you something, the email that I sent you last night came back to me...did you get it? I might just send it again.

Paul & Amy said...

Hi Kenna! I'm going to send you something too!

Aubrey said...

We'll be starting the process soon!! As soon as we have anything to show, I'll be sending it out to anyone I can think of!! :)

.From Her. said...

Kenna!! I have been lurking on your blog since the Fall. I was holding my breath the hold time you were picking up Little Studly, and was just dying to know about your story.



I have been waiting and waiting to contact you, until we got a approved. And holy goodness, today is the day!! We would love to be spot lighted!! Check out my blog, and let me know if you have any questions.


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