Sunday, January 30, 2011

...poor boog...

boog is sick. 

please, some one tell me how such a small body creates so. much. snot.  it's amazing.  it's also all over my shirt.

wanna hug?

take a look at boog after his nap.  what a sickie...and a gansta...he needs some bling i think.

 poor boog.

we've had boog in our home for almost 2 months now.  it seems completely crazy to me, because he fits so perfectly.  it's like he's been here all his life.  then again, i'm still learning how to handle this parenting thing, and i admit i'm not really that great at it.  in fact, i dare say (as i'm sitting with boog giving him chocolate and some coca cola) that i'm in to win the worst mother of the year award, and it's only january! 

however, i think that we have finally adjusted completely to our little boog.  he has taught me how to be a morning person...kind of...and each day he teaches me what it means to be as a little child.  he also teaches me the proper way to play with tonka trucks.  apparently i've had it wrong my whole life.  more than anything, boog has taught me how to love the simplicity of life.  what a magnificent little boy he is.

i've had a few people ask me about kate and if this has completely healed those wounds.  sigh, i wish i could say yes, but as time goes on i think he will.  i had to run an errand to the outpatient clinic at utah valley regional hospital and while i was there i saw a newborn baby getting his pku test.  when i got to my car, i cried.  i remembered when i took kate to get her pku test.  how i held her close and comforted her after the nurse pricked her.  i love kate, i always will, just like she's my own.

am i just rambling here?

boog has healed my heart, and continues to heal it daily.  i may not be the world's best mom, but i'm doing my personal best, which is what i promised sadie and glenn, and i will never go back on that promise.  

boog needs a warm bath, so i'm off to attempt to help this poor child get over this cold. 

i miss the blog, i have lots of posts in mind, so hopefully i'll give ya'll something of substance soon, not just full of the booger meister meister booger.  (even though he is delicious)

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Cali said...

I am A-okay with a blog full of the booger meister meister booger!

Ashley said...

You're not a real mom until youve blogged about poop.


anne said...

yes, please just keep blogging about boog and posting pictures of his sweet face, even when he's sick :)

and yes, i know EXACTLY what you mean about having to be a morning person now.

-M- said...

I have no idea how much mucus is produced by such little people. It one of the greatest mysteries of our time. And ah to be a morning person. You can kiss sleeping in till 8am goodbye!
Hope he gets better soon.

Kristin said...

Now that I have my kids, I think about Heavenly Father every day and about how much more patient he is with me than I am with them. It's so humbling sometimes.

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