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...looking for their little, the nash family...

the nash family

Hello everybody in the Internets & Blogospheres! Isn't Kenna AMAZING for generously offering to give some shout-outs to other hopeful adoptive couples?

So, Kenna asked us to share a snippet about ourselves to help spread the word about our hopes to adopt and here it is:

In a nutsell, Paul (or Pablo as I often affectionally call him) and I (Amy) are two young lawyers in love. We met at an end-of-the-year dance during freshman year at BYU and had about a three-week relationship before the semester ended and we went our separate ways - Paul to serve a mission in Costa Rica for our church and me to work at a bank for the summer. I didn't "wait" and Paul didn't write while he was serving his mission (after all, we had only dated for three weeks folks!), so when he got back and decided to email me on the off-chance that I was still "avaiable," he was surprised to learn that I was serving a mission myself and wouldn't be home for another year. Long story short, we reconnected after I returned to BYU and have been inseparable ever since. We got married in 2004, a little less than a year after I got home from my mission.

Our journey to adoption has been a little different from most of the couples I read about who struggle with infertility. We didn't wait a year before "trying" to have kids and we have never done fertility treatments or the dreaded IVF. In fact, I found out when I was only 15 that there was no way - zero-percent chance - that I would ever get pregnant due to a genetic anomaly that caused me to be born without a uterus. Awesome, I know. Anyway, I told Paul really early on in our relationship about this fact (and I am pretty sure I even said it that way: "Hey cute-boy-that-I-have-only-been-dating-for-four-weeks, guess what, I don't have a uterus and if you marry me I won't be able to bear your children. Let's just ignore my dating ineptness and focus on the fact that despite my using the "U" word in front of a guy I wasn't married to, that Paul and I still ended up together.) I remember him telling me that my inability to have children didn't matter to him. In fact, Paul brought up adoption before I ever got the chance to mention it to him and he said that we would be so lucky to build our family this way. I love this guy SO MUCH and I think that those feelings really all started at that moment.

In the six years (going on seven!) that we have been married, we have both graduated from law school (at rival schools no less! - BYU and the U of U), traveled the world together (five continents so far - we just need to go to Australia and Antartica now), run a marathon (well, that was just me, but Paul cheered me on the whole way), bought our first house in the California Bay Area (we are currently remodeling/decorating a room for the Wee One we are hoping to find soon), and planned and dreamed of having a family.

We would LOVE it if you would visit our adoption blog at and help us spread the word about our hopes of adopting a little tyke! And if you have any questions about us or our plans or about adoption in general, we heart email and can be reached at paulandamyadopt at gmail dot com.

And as one last shout out to Kenna and her awesomeness for posting about us, can I just say that my favorite thing about Kenna's blog is her ability to describe with so much accuracy the feelings I have felt going through this process - feelings of sleeplessness and queasiness and inability to sometimes think of anything but finding our babe. You say it so much better than I, Kenna and I am SO happy for your fam and the cuteness that is Harley.

Much love,

Amy & Paul

find their profile with lds family services here.

find their family/adoption blog here.

grab their button from their blog!

***how am i so lucky to get to know all these amazing couples looking to adopt?!  i feel flattered and honored by what amy had to say.  truly i'm not worthy of such accolades.  yet again, this is a couple who has every thing to offer a sweet little one.  i have no doubt in my mind that they will be amazing parents, with more love to give than we can possibly know.  they have handled their trials with such poise, and i look up to amy even though i've never met her.  i pray they will find their little soon.***

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