Monday, February 21, 2011

...prayers needed in bulk...


this wonderful couple received news that their daughter will remain their daughter.  so happy they didn't have to experience a longer wait, or a worse answer.  thank you for answering the call to help.  no doubt the lord heard you.

my friends, i'm calling out to you with a desperate plea. a wonderful couple is in a most awful position. the little girl they were chosen to parent might be taken from their arms.

born just three days ago, this little one has been in their care, but the birth mother is wavering. not sure of her decision to place.

i know of the fear, the helplessness they are feeling. it is all too familiar.

so please, send out your prayers, your good vibes, your positive thoughts, whatever you are able. they cannot do this alone, and i know of the strength you all can give.

keep this sweet couple, the birth mother and father and families, in your hearts. no one should have to be in their position. let's buoy them up.

much love, sweet couple, coming from all corners of my heart and others.

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Val'n'Ben said...

Done. Love and supportive prayers to you whoever and wherever you may be, you are backed by so many you'll never even know.

Kara said...

We've experienced a failed adoption, and that was hard enough. Can't imagine the pain of having a baby taken away. Praying hard that everything will work out and that all involved will have peace.

Rachel said...

I have such a strong testimony, nay, a knowledge, that Aly is in my arms as a result of the hundreds, if not thousands, of prayers that were offered in our behalf. THANK YOU A BILLION TIMES will never be enough for the gratitude I feel everyday that our little girl gets to grow up in our home with the gospel of Jesus Christ in her life. God bless you all for your tender and sympathetic hearts! Thank you Kenna, especially, for all of the support throughout that extremely difficult time!

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