Wednesday, March 30, 2011

...h is for hitler...

oh, and for hysterectomy.


yeah, that's a word, homies.  

real.  word.  

i digress....(er, is that even appropriate in this context?  i don't think it is.  i just didn't know how to segway...)

lately i've been asking myself some very serious questions concerning my upcoming surgery.  

'what if i wet my bed?'

'will i be able to reach the remote, even if it's placed strategically within my grasp, you know, because i'm drugged up?'

'am i going to tell everyone my inner most secrets if allowed to blog whilst medicated?'

'what if during surgery they accidentally leave a pair of scissors in me?'

seriously peeps, i'm losing my mind up in hurrr, up in hurrrr.

in other news...

melt me. 


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Val'n'Ben said...

Whenever I'm worried my mom always repeats the incredible, sanity saving advice she received from my pediatrician a thousand years ago... Don't worry until you know there is something to worry about. And then, if it can be fixed, even if it's with surgery... Don't worry about it."

There's a surgery to fix this. If they leave scissors inside, they can fix that too. (for free + a nice chunk of change for your pain and suffering) And as far as the peeing your pants problem... I hear Depends makes some pretty snazzy underoos!

I love you!!

Kristin Call said...

I really like it when you say up in hurrr. especially when you say it twice in a row.

Also, I live across the street. I will happily come over (and leave work if need be) just to change the channel. Don't you dare think I'm kidding.

I am also happy to serve as editor for the time being to keep those secrets secret. :) lol.

much love sweet lady!

Sell...Party Of 4 said...

I have pooped on the Dr twice giving yeah, I can understand your fear. =)

Was that an overshare? I have a bad habit of doing things like this.

Julia said...

Is it selfish of me that I'm excited for you to blog whilst drugged?

Not that I want you to have the surgery, but drug blogging is always entertaining.

Much love and blessings!

Layla said...

I wet the bed last week, after my surgery. It happened. No big. :) Recovery, so far, has been the opposite of fun. But I'm hopeful that it's the end of pain down the road. A normal life, maybe? Whatever that means. Just a life without daily excruciating pain. You'll have that too. If you have to wet the bed to get it, so be it. :) Thinking of you.

Lynne said...

{I'm groovin' DMX style as I type this... ya'll gon' make me act a FOOL}

I'm nodding my head at your scissors fear. I've only had surgery once, and I was sure I was going home with a pair of IMC-stamped Fiskars resting peacefully beside my liver.

I'll let you know if I start getting unexplained pains...

PixieGirl said...

Kenna, thanks for your sweet comment on my blog. It made me happy! I will be praying for you and your surgery..yikes! P.S. I am sooo loving all the cute pictures of your "little wonder"! He is such a doll!

Clint and Karley Root said...

holy cow harley's smile totally looks like you in this picture!! you guys are all perfect. hope you are doing well!

Clint and Karley Root said...

holy cow harley's smile totally looks like you in this picture!! you guys are all perfect. hope you are doing well!

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